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Am I wasting my EE degree if I open a cafe/bakery?

I’m 22, just graduated from college with a BS in Electrical Engineering (DSP/Communications Concentration) from a respectable university. I’ve had a hard time finding a job in this recessionary economy, and something that I don’t see recovering anytime soon. So, I’ve been trading stocks in the meantime, but I’ve also looked at the possibility of […]

How do you deal with failure, even when you tried your very hardest?

I’m currently a senior in high school about to go into college.  The thing is, I’ve worked my butt off in high school and I thought I did everything right to get into the most elite colleges.  When college decisions came back, I was rejected at the four universities that I really wanted to go […]

How should I prepare for my HBS interview?

I have got interview invitation from HBS. I would appreciate any sharing/experience from you on how best to prepare for this interview? Many thanks in advance. The Harvard MBA says: First of all, congratulations.  The numbers say that if you get an interview, you’ve got nearly a 50% chance of getting accepted. Second, there are […]

Is Job Hopping Bad For My Career?

What do you think about the taking of risks in job opportunities by following the career journey no matter where it leads? I have had numerous positions and never seem to be able to call one my home with the exception of one company from 1981 to 1995. Since this position I seem to have […]

How can a person strive for success and excellence while simultaneously trying to be content?

“How can a person strive for success and excellence while simultaneously trying to be content?  If you’re content, where is the motivation to achieve more?  But if you’re always trying to better your life, then how can you be content?” The Harvard MBA says: The question of contentment vs. ambition is one of the fundamental […]

What should I say when a job interviewer asks me to name my weaknesses?

“Constantly I am asked by the B-School interviews what my strengths and weaknesses are. And everyone tells me I am not supposed to be honest about my weaknesses. What is the point of asking this question? To see how creatively you lie??” The Harvard MBA Says: I’m reminded of a Wall Street Journal article I […]