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Why Are Black Women Considered Unattractive?

“I’m a 22 year old African American woman and I’m curious as to why black women are considered so unattractive. Why do we of all women get the worst of the worst labels placed on us? I’ve seen YouTube videos, articles, commentary, blogs, studies and statistics that just bash us as if we’re the only […]

Why does my boyfriend’s Gmail account get so much porn spam?

Why does my boyfriend’s Gmail account get loaded with nothing but porn emails in his spam folder, while my Gmail account gets none?  My spam is always empty, and he gets up to 30 porn spam emails a day.  They even come into his inbox! –maxine The Harvard MBA says: I suspect you probably already […]

Can a 52-year-old woman date a 26-year-old man and actually have a fulfilling relationship?

Can a 52 year old woman date a 26 year old man and actually have a fulfilling relationship? How would I know if he really likes me? –Sheryl The Harvard MBA says: Love takes many forms; who am I to criticize any working relationship between two consenting adults?  After all, I covered the first annual […]

How does a successful, beautiful lawyer meet an educated, successful, normal man?

Where and how in the hell do I meet a great, educated and successful man– who is normal too?  Me: Lawyer, successful, busy, and yes, beautiful. P.S. No platitudes.  Answer as though this were your semester final exam; introduction, supporting points with examples.  You will be graded. –Bonita The Harvard MBA says: Bonita, I can […]

What job gets you laid the most?

What job gets you laid the most? –Edward The Harvard MBA says: There are a number of careers that seem particularly suited to providing men with ample opportunities for sex.  Just off the top of my head, these include professional athlete, rock star, movie star, billionaire, fireman, pimp, and U.S. Senator. However, these answers aren’t […]

My spouse got into HBS; what can I expect as a partner?

My fiance who is 24 recently got accepted and will be attending HBS. I myself am 24 and was curious how big of a role I will play, i.e. drinking with her section and so on, and what to expect as a male partner?  I will also be attending an MBA program in Boston at […]

I switched to liberal arts to help find a girl; should I go back to engineering for my career?

Hi Mr. Harvard MBA, love your blog.  Sorry for a slightly longer question, but this is about my college/life and is both important to me and also utterly confused me as to what to do.  Basically, I go to a pretty good University.  Actually, one of the best in my country.  I’m doing Computer Science […]

What are your thoughts on mixed-race marriages and kids?

My question has nothing to do with money. Instead, it’s about race. I noticed that you are Chinese-American and your wife is Caucasian. Lately, I’ve been hearing children of mixed race marriages refer to themselves as “mutts.” Now, I’m not trying to get into a rant about racism or engage in a long, windy discussion […]

What’s up with older women and younger men?

I am interested in your analysis of the older women/younger man trend.  Let’s hear your authoritative point of view. –Karin The Harvard MBA says: A question near and dear to my heart!  I’ve always preferred older women (some would argue that circumstances made this inevitable; I went to college at 15, so going for younger […]

Why do Asian women prefer white men? Seriously… why?

“Why do Asian women prefer white men? Seriously… why?” The Harvard MBA says: Ah yes, this is an oft-observed but seldom-analyzed phenomenon!  The key is to focus on a market-driven analysis.  The inevitable conclusion is that Asian women prefer white men because white men prefer Asian women. The concept of market segmentation is both basic […]