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I just got an MBA in finance, but I have no experience, and can’t get a job. What should I do?

“I just got a MBA in Finance and now I don’t know what to do.  My experience has been mostly engineering so I have no finance experience, but I want to go into finance.  The economy sucks.  What should I do?” –Adam The Harvard MBA says: Almost every employer prefers to hire employees with previous […]

Am I wasting my EE degree if I open a cafe/bakery?

I’m 22, just graduated from college with a BS in Electrical Engineering (DSP/Communications Concentration) from a respectable university. I’ve had a hard time finding a job in this recessionary economy, and something that I don’t see recovering anytime soon. So, I’ve been trading stocks in the meantime, but I’ve also looked at the possibility of […]

I’m 38 and have been unemployed for 2 years. What should I do to get my life back on track?

I am 38 years old – BS/BA in marketing – been unemployed now for 2 years – what do you think I should do?  I would like a MBA from a top-tier school but do not have the money.  What should I do to get my life rolling in the right direction? –Mike The Harvard […]

My business has dried up with the economy; should I be looking at a new venture?

I just stumbled across your postings and read all of the the most recent ones.  You are geared for youth it appears but I liked your energy and the fact that you actually answer a question and refrain from pontificating. My question:  I’m an older female (late 40s) who exited Corporate America about 3 years […]

How many graduating Harvard MBAs start their own businesses?

How many of the students that graduate at HBS open their own business? You mentioned that recessions are a great time to open businesses, what kind of business do HBS students open or get into? The Harvard MBA says: The entrepreneurship bug bites a lot of Harvard MBAs.  It is estimated that over the course […]

What good is an MBA? Isn’t a skill where you can build value a better idea?

What good is an MBA?  Aren’t MBAs the turkeys that led us into financial crisis while getting rich themselves?  Isn’t a skill where you can build value rather than devise complex money laundering schemes (like CDOs) a better idea? The Harvard MBA says: Since I’ve already addressed the role of Harvard MBAs in financial crisis, […]

Should I go to business school now?

“I just applied to business schools this year.  While I see this as the perfect opportunity for me to increase my knowledge capital in bad economic times, some folks are questioning whether the economony will really turn around in 2 years  If not, then wouldn’t I be in trouble…lots of debt and a tight hiring […]

How do you like the gall of your fellow alums who have driven this economy into the ground with their greed?

“How do you like the gall of your fellow alums who have driven this economy into the ground with their greed?  How about Rick Wagoner riding in on his corporate jet while his company goes bankrupt!  How about Valleywag’s study that Harvard MBAs are the most toxic investment on Wall Street? Where are the ethics […]