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I’m Asian, Male, Average GPA and GMAT…Am I Doomed?

I’m a 26-year-old Asian-American male in the Software Consulting industry.  After careful consideration, I believe I would like to work in International Finance.  Is there hope for someone like me?  I’ve read some of your responses, and I seem to be a “too traditional” type of applicant.  Asian, male, average GPA, average GMAT (almost exactly […]

HBS versus Wharton for Entrepreneurs

Hi, I want to know your opinion about Wharton vs Harvard. I’m considering both HBS and Wharton for my MBA , but I have some concerns about the learning model, the curriculum, etc.  I’m an entrepreneur and my company is focused on media and entertainment, so I need strong skills in management, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, […]

Should I join my friends in a new medical startup instead of going to b-school?

I applied and was accepted to both Wharton and Stanford GSB. I only applied after my parents practically begged me to do so after my last business (real estate) failed. Although I fully understand their concerns, I still remain upbeat about the future and undaunted by my failures. I believe my parents got a bit […]

How many graduating Harvard MBAs start their own businesses?

How many of the students that graduate at HBS open their own business? You mentioned that recessions are a great time to open businesses, what kind of business do HBS students open or get into? The Harvard MBA says: The entrepreneurship bug bites a lot of Harvard MBAs.  It is estimated that over the course […]

Should I attend a lesser-known program where I have been offered a full scholarship, or a Top 100 school where I have to pay in full?

I got a stupid question, I am sure it is, but I would still really appreciate your help. I am European and have to make a decision this week whether to do my MBA at a rather unknown, small University in California (accredited though) with a full scholarship or at a (lower) TOP100 Financial Times […]

Do Harvard MBAs value cooperation, or is it a cutthroat classroom experience?

I’m in the process of applying for the Harvard 2+2 MBA program. I will graduate with B.A. from Purdue University next year. While Purdue is a large state school, I can say that I’m a well-rounded and competitive applicant. (I’m only saying this so you understand my perspective- not to garner any type of attention.)  […]

What good is an MBA? Isn’t a skill where you can build value a better idea?

What good is an MBA?  Aren’t MBAs the turkeys that led us into financial crisis while getting rich themselves?  Isn’t a skill where you can build value rather than devise complex money laundering schemes (like CDOs) a better idea? The Harvard MBA says: Since I’ve already addressed the role of Harvard MBAs in financial crisis, […]

What do you wish someone had told you before starting HBS?

“I was recently accepted to HBS. Is there anything that you know now that you wish some one had told you before you started?” The Harvard MBA says: First of all, congratulations.  In tough times, it becomes even harder to get into HBS.  It also takes a strong constitution to ignore the (largely undeserved) flogging […]

How should I prepare for my HBS interview?

I have got interview invitation from HBS. I would appreciate any sharing/experience from you on how best to prepare for this interview? Many thanks in advance. The Harvard MBA says: First of all, congratulations.  The numbers say that if you get an interview, you’ve got nearly a 50% chance of getting accepted. Second, there are […]

How can a small business owner attend HBS?

“I am a small business owner who wants to attend HBS. How can I achieve this dream? How do I stand out from all the Wall Street people and what can I do about recommendations?” The Harvard MBA says: The good news is that all other things being equal, HBS loves to admit small business […]