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How did a Harvard MBA help you to become a tech entrepreneur?

“How did a Harvard MBA help you to become a tech entrepreneur? What do you make of arguments that an MBA is not necessary, even distracting to spend 2 years in school (and in debt) rather than focusing entirely on a business? What suggestions could you make to someone who wants to become a tech […]

Can one be successful at starting and running a business (in the area of his/her expertise) without having an MBA?

“Can one be successful at starting and running a business (in the area of his/her expertise) without having an MBA? Have you seen it happen?  What advice would you give to someone like that?” –Oksana The Harvard MBA says: As much as I’d like to claim magical powers for Harvard MBAs, the fact is that […]

Will getting my Masters in Software Engineering hurt my chances of getting into B-school?

I am a female from Nepal, almost 30 yrs old. I have a undergrad in Computer Science from a small liberal arts school. Post undergrad, I worked at a not-for-profit organization and a higher ed organization. I was exploring MBA programs and went to visit HBS, and totally fell in love with the energy in […]

My friends say an MBA after the age of 30 won’t do me any good. Are they right?

I am 29-year-old successful telecommunications professional currently working as manager in a multinational telecom concern. I am planning to apply to HBS through the Fulbright Scholarship Program. If inducted, I would be able to study anywhere within the US (provided I get the admission). This plan would mean an admission into HBS (if i ever […]

I’m a professional athlete? What are my chances of getting into HBS?

I’m in the process of applying to HBS. I grew up in Russia, emigrated to Toronto, Canada when I was 15. I graduated from Purdue business school with 3.6 (while being a student-athlete); had internships as a research analyst in Washington and in sales and trading in New York. And currently working part-time with a […]

Free iPhone GMAT Prep for Ask The Harvard MBA Readers

Dear readers, In addition to answering your questions, I also moonlight as an advisor to a number of different startups.  One of these startups, TestSoup, should be of interest to most of you. TestSoup provides mobile flashcards for test prep on your iPhone or BlackBerry, so you can study for the GMAT (or GRE) whenever […]

Should I attend HBS or get a Masters in Finance from MIT?

“I have been admitted to both the HBS MBA and the MIT M.Fin.  I know I want a career in finance. Which one should I chose?” –Edward The Harvard MBA says: Edward, congratulations on your achievement.  The good news is, there is no wrong answer.  You have two wonderful options. I am not a finance […]

How should I organize my finances once I’m accepted to HBS?

I am a 25 year old who was recently accepted by HBS and I am trying to organize my finances appropriately. I will work until July of next year so I can save some cash, but should I also lower my 401k contribution? Additionally, did any of the students trade financial securities for their personal […]

Do I have any chance of getting into HBS being 180° away from the typical applicant? Am I too different?

I’m the polar opposite of the typical HBS applicant. My undergrad GPA wasn’t great and my degree is from the Harvard of contemporary music – Berklee. I’m 39, a woman and have vast entertainment industry experience working on records & films that people have actually heard of. I know HBS wants diversity throughout the student […]

I’ll be 32 when I start B-school. Will I be able to gel with younger go-getters?

I’m 31, and filling in my HBS MBA application forms – which means if I get accepted, I’ll be starting when I’m 32. I’m in the process of a career switch, from medicine to management – so the HBS Healthcare Initiative is perfect. But I’m slightly concerned at being in the older age group of […]