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How should I organize my finances once I’m accepted to HBS?

I am a 25 year old who was recently accepted by HBS and I am trying to organize my finances appropriately. I will work until July of next year so I can save some cash, but should I also lower my 401k contribution? Additionally, did any of the students trade financial securities for their personal […]

Can you invest in students studying their MBA at Harvard?

Hi Chris, Just wanted to know can you invest in students studying their MBA at Harvard i.e. give them money straight up for them to complete their MBA at Harvard for a percent of the career earnings? The Harvard MBA says: The fascinating thing is that I came up with the concept of the “personal […]

Would you rather invest in Berkshire Hathaway or an index fund for the next five years?

“Stock market investing, like basketball, is a zero-sum game. If you had a choice between a fantasy basketball team for the next 5 years consisting of an index of the average NBA player, OR a team consisting of Kobe Bryant, which would you choose? Similarly, given the choice between a stock market index fund, and […]

Welcome Brazen Careerist Readers!

Thanks to this flattering post from my friend Penelope, a lot of new folks have been stopping by “Ask The Harvard MBA.” You’ve asked so many questions that I’ll break my usual practice of answering one question per week and try to knock out a bunch of quick answers.  Onward and downward! “I am sorry […]

Where can I find the best real estate bargains on single family homes?

“Where are the best Real Estate bargains now for single family homes? Or what is the best way to research that answer as a lay person with little real estate knowledge?” The Harvard MBA Says: I’m hardly a real estate expert, but as the masthead says, you can ask me anything! I have been following […]