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I’m 55 and just sold my company. Should I go back to college and earn my degree?

“I am a 55 year old guy that sold his software company to a public company last year.  I have no college degree but have always felt I was missing something.  I have tons of real world business knowledge.  I don’t want hitting a little white ball to be my future.  I want to share […]

I switched to liberal arts to help find a girl; should I go back to engineering for my career?

Hi Mr. Harvard MBA, love your blog.  Sorry for a slightly longer question, but this is about my college/life and is both important to me and also utterly confused me as to what to do.  Basically, I go to a pretty good University.  Actually, one of the best in my country.  I’m doing Computer Science […]

Do Harvard MBAs value cooperation, or is it a cutthroat classroom experience?

I’m in the process of applying for the Harvard 2+2 MBA program. I will graduate with B.A. from Purdue University next year. While Purdue is a large state school, I can say that I’m a well-rounded and competitive applicant. (I’m only saying this so you understand my perspective- not to garner any type of attention.)  […]

How do you deal with failure, even when you tried your very hardest?

I’m currently a senior in high school about to go into college.  The thing is, I’ve worked my butt off in high school and I thought I did everything right to get into the most elite colleges.  When college decisions came back, I was rejected at the four universities that I really wanted to go […]

What college should I go to if I want to get into HBS?

My ultimate goal is Harvard Business School. What is the best track to reach this goal? I have a few options that each have unique opportunity costs: 1] Go out-of-state to University of Illinois at Chicago. This option is what I would like to do because it moves me into a setting where I am […]

I’m in High School/College…What Should I Do To Get Into Business School?

I am in grade 10 right now and I want to know what grades I must get in high school, And what courses should I be taking to get an MBA? –Brandon I am a sophomore in college, and I want to get a MBA in the future. I was wondering – what steps can […]

Are letter grades the reason teens cheat?

This is a guest post from ATHM reader Candida Gazoli.  While it’s a bit off the beaten path from our usual fare, I liked the essay and decided to share it.  Thanks Dida! “So why did you cheat, Lila?” I asked.  Lila is an A student and a soon-to-be senior at Palo Alto High School.“To […]

Are you a complete loser if you don’t attend an Ivy League school?

“I am a high school counselor in Singapore where everyone is programmed to apply to Harvard from the womb onwards. Can I ask, Where did you do your undergrad education??? I constantly fight the battle of the perception that one is a complete loser if you don’t do your undergrad education at an Ivy League […]