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I’m 38 and have been unemployed for 2 years. What should I do to get my life back on track?

I am 38 years old – BS/BA in marketing – been unemployed now for 2 years – what do you think I should do?  I would like a MBA from a top-tier school but do not have the money.  What should I do to get my life rolling in the right direction? –Mike The Harvard […]

How Can I Get Into The Adult Film Industry?

I’m a pretty avid reader of “Adventures” and “Ask the Harvard MBA,” and so I was interested when I came across your recent post on the adult film industry (“Why I Love Pornography“).  I graduated from [redacted at asker’s request] this year, and currently I work for [redacted].  Since last year, I have been interested […]

Should I join my friends in a new medical startup instead of going to b-school?

I applied and was accepted to both Wharton and Stanford GSB. I only applied after my parents practically begged me to do so after my last business (real estate) failed. Although I fully understand their concerns, I still remain upbeat about the future and undaunted by my failures. I believe my parents got a bit […]

How many graduating Harvard MBAs start their own businesses?

How many of the students that graduate at HBS open their own business? You mentioned that recessions are a great time to open businesses, what kind of business do HBS students open or get into? The Harvard MBA says: The entrepreneurship bug bites a lot of Harvard MBAs.  It is estimated that over the course […]

Should I attend a lesser-known program where I have been offered a full scholarship, or a Top 100 school where I have to pay in full?

I got a stupid question, I am sure it is, but I would still really appreciate your help. I am European and have to make a decision this week whether to do my MBA at a rather unknown, small University in California (accredited though) with a full scholarship or at a (lower) TOP100 Financial Times […]

Should I go to business school now?

“I just applied to business schools this year.  While I see this as the perfect opportunity for me to increase my knowledge capital in bad economic times, some folks are questioning whether the economony will really turn around in 2 years  If not, then wouldn’t I be in trouble…lots of debt and a tight hiring […]

What industries provide the greatest earning potential?

Let’s assume it’s money I’m after. In your experience, what industries provide the greatest earning potential for salaried employees. Is it Wall street (or private equity) or Fortune 50? Can you shed some light on the comparative attributes of such a climb, such as how many years it would take to get there and how […]

I want to make $500-600K/year without much effort. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

I have an MD, JD & currently going after my LLM.  I’m so sick of studying, but I keep trying to reach for the next best thing such that I will be able to make tons of money passively (~$500k – $600k/yr) w/o much physical labor like seeing clients or patients.  Am I barking up […]

Want to work with The Harvard MBA? Apply now.

The Harvard MBA says: We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of this blog for the following announcement: I’m hiring. In addition to all the other benefits, whomever I hire will get to ask me all the questions they want on a daily basis!  And if you do a good job for me, I’ll write you […]

Is Job Hopping Bad For My Career?

What do you think about the taking of risks in job opportunities by following the career journey no matter where it leads? I have had numerous positions and never seem to be able to call one my home with the exception of one company from 1981 to 1995. Since this position I seem to have […]