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My business has dried up with the economy; should I be looking at a new venture?

I just stumbled across your postings and read all of the the most recent ones.  You are geared for youth it appears but I liked your energy and the fact that you actually answer a question and refrain from pontificating. My question:  I’m an older female (late 40s) who exited Corporate America about 3 years […]

How many graduating Harvard MBAs start their own businesses?

How many of the students that graduate at HBS open their own business? You mentioned that recessions are a great time to open businesses, what kind of business do HBS students open or get into? The Harvard MBA says: The entrepreneurship bug bites a lot of Harvard MBAs.  It is estimated that over the course […]

How do we sell direct to consumers from our website and not upset our existing channel?

How do we sell direct to professional consumers from our website and not upset our existing “wholesale customers”? The wholesale business has dropped by 20% this year with more and more prosumers wanting to buy our custom frame products. The Harvard MBA says: Channel conflict is a very real issue for a lot of companies, […]