Why Are Black Women Considered Unattractive?

“I’m a 22 year old African American woman and I’m curious as to why black women are considered so unattractive. Why do we of all women get the worst of the worst labels placed on us? I’ve seen YouTube videos, articles, commentary, blogs, studies and statistics that just bash us as if we’re the only imperfect women on planet earth! What’s the deal? Seriously!  Are our looks so unique to the point that if a man likes a black woman he is considered having “strong,heavy taste” in women?”

–Lana B.

The Harvard MBA says:

Most people would be afraid to touch this question with a 100-foot pole.  Fortunately, I’m not most people.

First of all, you’re right about discrimination against black women.  OkCupid uses data from its online dating service to reveal how Americans actually behave, and it’s not always pretty.  For example, here’s one finding from a 2009 blog post:

“Men don’t write black women back. Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially every race—including other blacks—singles them out for the cold shoulder. “

But wait, there’s more:

White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else—and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men.

There are many historical reasons for this bias in the United States.  Throughout its history, the US has been a white-dominant society.  Don’t forget, when the founding fathers protested “no taxation without representation,” the only people they thought should have a vote were property-owning white men.  The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920.  (Amazingly enough, Mississippi didn’t officially ratify the 19th Amendment until 1984.)  And it took the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s to grant African Americans the effective right to vote in the South (while they technically had the right to vote, the various states had erected numerous barriers that deprived them of their voting rights).

Of course, it’s one thing to cite racism for the bias against black women; it’s quite another to identify the mechanism by which this occurs.

My own take is that attractiveness is generally communicated via popular culture, specifically the world of entertainment.  If I ask people to name a handsome man, they’re likely to cite a movie star, like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, rather than someone from their own life.  (Though I generally cite the absurdly handsome Sundeep Ahuja when asked that same question.  Damn, he’s good looking.)

Whether in movies, television, or music, whites have generally been dominant as well (despite the irony of rock and roll’s origin in the black-created blues).  The American Film Institute created a list of the top 50 movie stars who made their debut before 1950.  Every single one is white (though I supposed Sophia Loren at least has a decent tan).

I feel your pain…for a long time, a common joke among Asian-Americans in the entertainment industry was that in any given year, there were more extraterrestrials in regular TV roles than Asians.

The good news is that things are changing for the better.  In 2011, three black men made Vanity Fair’s list of Hollywood’s Top 40 moneymakers: Will Smith, Tyler Perry, and Eddie Murphy.  Samuel L. Jackson’s movies have grossed more money than any other actor in history (admittedly, he didn’t play the starring role in most of them).  And for 2012, the person who topped People’s list of the 50 most beautiful was Beyonce.

Yet there is still a lot of progress to be made.  Most of the black women who are considered mainstream beauties have a look that one blogger described as “a White girl dipped in chocolate,” with skinny noses and thinner lips.  And the fact that Beyonce was named the most beautiful woman in the world has little comfort if no one returns your messages on Match.com.

Changes takes a long time.  Usually longer than we’d like.  But it does happen.

Ironically enough, one of the biggest signs of change is the lack of fanfare.  It was a big deal in 1997 when Tyra Banks became the first black woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  (Incidentally, Tyra Banks is also now officially a HBS graduate, though not an MBA.  I can un-ironically say, “You go, girl!”)  Same for when Halle Berry was the first black woman on the cover of People’s 50 Most Beautiful.  I can’t recall any attention being paid to Beyonce becoming the second black woman to head People’s list.  It’s just not considered a big deal any more.

I was reminded of this power of banality recently.  In 1997, it was a huge deal when ABC produced a Cinderella musical with Brandy in the starring role. (Whitney Houston played the fairy godmother, while Whoopi Goldberg played the Queen.)  Much was made of the multi-racial cast, with Victor Garber as the King, and Paolo Montalban (no relation) as the handsome Filipino Prince Charming.  Fast-forward 15 years.  The other night, my kids were watching Rags, a Nickelodeon original movie for kids that’s a gender-flipped retelling of the Cinderella story.  Keke Palmer (you may remember her as the star of “Akeelah and the Bee“) plays the Prince Charming character (Old Spice man Isaiah Mustafa plays her father!) who falls for the Cinderella character, played by Max Schneider (mazel tov!).  No one gave a damn that the movie had a Jewish Cinder-fella who falls for a black princess.  Now that’s progress.

As we’ve both noted, black women still face many obstacles in America.  Racism still casts a heavy shadow, even if its most overt examples are fading into memory.  Even men in their 20s, far too young to be scarred by the explicit racism of the last century, show its effects as we saw in the OkCupid data.  But things are improving.

My hope for you is that you find the right man (or woman) to settle down with and marry, and that someday, your daughter won’t even think of asking the same questions you did.


  1. Sully
    Posted July 9, 2012 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    As a non-white man I have definitely noticed the bias in this country towards white folks. Of the people I went to High School with, every single asian girl that I know who is currently married is Married to a white man. Of the Indian population of girls, it is more half and half, with half marrying white, and the other half marrying Indian. However, the vast majority of non-white men are either single or married to others of their same ethnicity. I just think it’s an interesting situation…

  2. john dixon
    Posted September 1, 2012 at 11:07 pm | Permalink

    You did not answer her question. The answer is simple: most white men do not find black features attractive. The big jaw, the wide nose, the out of shape bodies. Also, the ghetto way of talking. Look at the black women who are considered beautiful and they all have white features (nose, jaw, lips), nice bodies, and normal speaking voices. Hence, the apt description of a white girl dipped in chocolate.

  3. Posted November 8, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    Although I agree with Mr. Dixon. It is not just that!

    Black people seem to be at the phenotypic extremes of the rest of the world, even though you can find man or woman of the same features in Asians, but I feel as though having hair that is closer to the texture of European hair does help.

    What it really comes down to is money, power, and legacies.

    Only white women can make white babies and when you are trying to maintain white supremacy there is going to be an inherent value placed on white women or women who share the same aesthetics of white women. All other races look at black people the same way as white people do which is played up in the media portraying black people as constantly inferior. Look at anime – Asian are some of the worst culprits of white worshipping themselves, so I consider it deflective to say it’s just white media. There is a degree and element of self hate. Black people have become the poster children for what other groups don’t want to be nor associate with. If you take black people out of the equation you will find that even BROWN people are less prone to get with each other but are extremely partial to whites. There is also a difference between men and women because men are the builders and maintainers of their respective communities. They are the ones who pass on wealth and property through the woman so the CHOICE is mainly theres. Women on the other hand are economic and social opportunist. All women will find white men attractive more so than other races of men, as a rule, because they are the apex of the social, economical, and racial hierarchy. African Americans, specifically have a very broken, economically crippled community where as Asians do indeed have a society, wealth, and a social order similar enough to whites for there to be value placed on those women as some sort of mutual exchange. Its not just about how someone looks, that’s just an identifier for being accepted as a participating member of a particular group. Black is at the extreme therefore it does not go unnoticed and is harder to accept; they are the group with the least amounts of social benefits – THAT DOES factor into attractive. As I stated its different for men verse women because men are typically the builders and women are the economic opportunist so you will see an imbalance in whose doing the choosing and the accepting, and fence jumping.

    As of right now we live in a world of white supremacy and as it will go, white and those who are similar to white, are interpreted as superior, not just in appearance but also in terms of wealth and other social benefits.

    This is human nature to want to be associated with what appears to be the best – and right now – black ain’t it. Black is in dead least.

    Some black men only gain marginal degrees of desirability because of sports, hip-hop, and hypermasculinity based on the promoted sub-culture, but outside that… Please – Ming Sue is not looking to get with a black man because of revered reputation as a group of financially secure men with deep connections to circles of power.

  4. Eddie
    Posted November 9, 2012 at 2:48 am | Permalink

    It’s simply biological evolution. Nature forcefully moves mankind away from its simian origins; hence the worlwide general distaste of women with heavy bones, short squat powerful bodies, thick facial features, heavy body hair, and other simian traits. But we have great difficulty admiting this for various social reasons, and so it’s much easier to label this trend as racism, media bias, American attitudes, etc. Sometimes the truth is so repressed and feared that we frantically search for other less painful explanations in order to live in peace.

  5. Fatima
    Posted November 17, 2012 at 3:15 am | Permalink

    I honestly found this to be quite humourous. Especially John Dixon and Eddie’s responces. I am a high school teen age African young woman.I say this to stress the fact that I find you to be ridiculous. Your ignorance and blatant incompotence astounds even me at my young age. African American woman are beautiful, I can not understand how you A grown man can still see things such as skin color to be a main attributing factor to your interests in woman. Okay why are african american features unattractive and asian features not. Asians normally have no definition to their noses even less than that of an black person and they are still considered beautiful. Most african american woman are not hairy or short. Do you believe that ghetto is classified by skin color I can guarantee you that if you saw a latina women who came from the same background that you think all black people come from you would think she is quite attractive. Asian men and African American woman are both unattractive to the American society. Indian man are also not really considered attractive unless they are considered arab in TV shows. I am a little ashamed with what we have come to as a society, I am well read , I believe I am attractive and I am a very respectable but I am never asked to dance or rarley asked out because of the same things. I have come to an understanding that I have mastered being a women, I just cant master being black.

  6. Cass
    Posted November 24, 2012 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    Can’t agree more with Fatima. And Eddie and John Dixon are talking out of their ass.

    First of all, I’m an Asian women. I have seen MANY men (of all ethnicities, including white), with Asian women who have features and bodies far from the ideal “Western beauty”. Short, squat bodies with body hair? Wide noses? You could be describing most Asian woman, buddy. I would know, I’ve lived among them my entire life.

    Now, I’m not saying that I find them unattractive, I’m saying that under your definition, they would be considered unattractive. So why single black women out? Just the dark skin? But South Asians and Brazilians are dark as well, sometimes even darker than African-Americans, so I guess dark skin isn’t the cause of your disdain.

    Whether you like it or not, sexual preferences ARE affected by how much you’re brainwashed by the media. It happens ALL OVER THE WORLD. Most men will prefer women who fit the ideal that is shown most in media, because they think that would equal getting the best mate (think trophy wife).

    You can hide behind science all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s just pure racism and ignorance, fueled by media brainwashing and flawed upbringing.

    Fatima, please do not waste time trying to understand men who claim they will never be able to appreciate beauty in your entire race (unless you look like a white girl dipped in chocolate). Don’t even bother giving these men a second glance, cause you can do so much better than an ignorant, close-minded, closet racist.

    And trust me, there are men out there who will see you for you, and not care about what they’ve been told as children, or what they’re seen in the movies. Men who are capable of forming their own thoughts and opinions about you by spending time and effort to get to know you.

    Love from Singapore,

  7. Erik
    Posted December 17, 2012 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    To me, black women – be they African, Afro-Caribbean or African-American – are generally less physically attractive than women of any other race. African-American women tend to have repulsive characters too, though Caribbean women tend to be far more friendly and tolerant, as well as less ‘slutty’.

    You cannot accuse men of being racist just because they find some women more attractive than others.

    There are many black celebrities who are considered beautiful/hot/sexy here in the UK – Alexandra Burke, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lorraine Pascale… I find none of them attractive. There are some who I think are beautiful and sexually desirable. Noemie Lenoir, Jameela Jalil, Alesha Dixon… But they all fit the description of ‘white girls dipped in chocolate’, and they are few and far between.

    I’m also interested as to why so much is made of this. I remember a Japanese psychologist (Dr Satoshi Kanazawa) from the London School of Economics publishing some data that he’d collected, where he’d asked people of all races and both genders to rate their individual attractiveness, the attractiveness of their race (both genders), and the attractiveness of the other races (both genders). He found that black women were rated as the least attractive of all females by some amount, but that black men were voted the most attractive among males (albeit by a smaller margin, though still an existing one). This was then reported in news articles around the world as him being a racist who had said black women were ugly. No mention at all of his same unbiased and impartial article stating that black men were most attractive.

  8. African
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    Wow am I glad I dontlive in the West? White women are repulsive when u get close to them without makeup. And with age they get worse, thats why the west is obsessed with young above older women. Ilove movies, but all we see is white white white. But africans are making their own movies soon we wont have to watch western movies anymore. I couldnt imagine being attracted to a white man. The pink skin is not attractive, tall dark and handsomeis. In meetings at work when i get close to white people when i look at their skin, it looks deseased , just not healthy. I am yet to find a white person over 30 yrs who looks their age. If only whites did nt brutalise the world and enslaved africans, african american women wont have to deal with this. Are they trying to convince real people that beauty is white? Really? Why the need i wonder? Insecurities maybe?

  9. B. Matthews
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 10:35 pm | Permalink

    Hi, my name is Brazza and I come from England (though I live in Paris).
    I myself am a white woman and am attracted mostly by white men (whether some of you lot may consider it racist or not.)
    To my mind it is just a matter of personal opinion and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with racism, I think it is about time afro-americans stopped blaming everybody else for having such stupidly-run countries. (And I do know what I am talking about because as a matter of fact I have been to Africa a lot : it is indeed full of exploitable ressources but unfortunately is not being exploited… but that’s another matter.)
    People have their own tastes, some guys like negroid features and bubble bums and deep booming voices and diva attitudes, others don’t, that’s the way life is. Deal with it, minorities are attractive to some people and repulsive to others, in the same way that individuals leave different impacts depending on the people.
    I don’t believe trying to find someone to blame for that is doing the Afro-americans any good.

  10. African
    Posted January 10, 2013 at 10:24 pm | Permalink

    b matthews

    i think u are missing the point of discussion completely and u just repeated stereotypes about african american women meaning u havent actually applied ur mind. How does African countries come in when talking about beauty? Any conflits hapenning anywhere in the world today can be traced back to your ancestors. If white people today were not racist as their ancestors there wont be racism in the world. Right now u are still enjoyin the fruits of ur ancestor’s barbarism through the colour of ur skin, but then again u live in a bubble, ignorant and uneducated. And ur media is not doing u any good. So u came to ‘Africa’ a few times stayed in few hotels, saw some wildlife and now u know more about Africa than us who live it? ‘oh u have so many resources, just do something’ its a racist’s rant. Proof of ur superiority thinkin. Superior to whom when we all eat and shit the same way and have sex the sameway. And it takes me back to my question again, why the need to be above others? I pray my african american sisters would realise and come to truly know that there is more to life than being told u are pretty n sexy by white people. Whta is so pretty about a racist, ignorant, priviledged and power hungry person?

  11. African
    Posted January 10, 2013 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    by the way b matthews african americans are americans. They are not immigrants. So which countries are you referring to? USA? And u call others stupid!

  12. Tom
    Posted January 12, 2013 at 3:00 am | Permalink

    I am sorry I don’t find black women attractive. They have coarse hair, big face and nose and some of them are too big. I personally like Persian women or women of that descent. They are the epitome of beauty, with curves in the right place, skin that looks like milk with a tinge of tan, blue eyes, high cheek bones and beautiful long black hair. And please big racks and curvy butt is found among African American women because they are obese.

  13. Elise S. Chambers
    Posted January 17, 2013 at 10:28 pm | Permalink

    To some degree each reply has its own validity, as it is an “independent individual’s” reality.

    Dont’ waste time finding out where you measure up in society. Create your own world, influences, and etc.

    What is beauty? Feel good about who you are, the bottom line.

  14. Aaliyah
    Posted January 24, 2013 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    Hi I am a young African American women who goes to an majority white high school and I have never been asked out once. I’m pretty sure that I am pretty not to sound narcissistic but no one seems to see it and its depressing. I have black features on my face I think but people always tell me my but is small and I’m really skinny for a black person when the fact is that I am in top shape because I am a serious track runner so not all black people are out of shape I have a low fat percentage and a great looking midrif when no one seems to care I look like the average in shape person and am very smart. I wouldn’t consider myself ghetto but more well rounded. I talk sophisticated and diversified cus I have lived all over in numerous cities and states so it is weird to me that at my schools white girls are always considered the prettiest even if some of the have huge love handles not to generalize and black men are considered hot so all the white women take all the black and black women are left in the cold even if they find other races attractive which I do. I thinks it’s because in our society black has neve been depicted as good and black women are generalized as ghetto loud untrustworthy golddiggers which is just like saying all Asian people can’t drive. It dosent make sense and for this to ever change it will have to be the media to show the youth of ou nation that everyone is beautiful in our own way and to not worry about what’s on the inside but what’s on the outside

  15. john galt
    Posted January 26, 2013 at 1:42 am | Permalink

    Black women are just ugly. Heavy features and bad hair, no wonder all the black men don’t want to date you. Don’t give me that crap about ‘BUT WE ARE BEUTIFUL INSIDE”, You ugly (to paraphrase a black person). You dress like hookers in the work place, cannot seem to pronounce the “th” in birthday,(not birfday) and your attitudes suck. White women are not threatened by black women, we just don’t like to be close to you so we leave as fast as we can. Trust me, keep up with the neck gyrations and the lip smacking that is now a black woman’s trade mark and your lives will be just amazing and very fullfilling. PLEASE keep doing what you are all good at; so the rest of us will not have to be exposed to you anymore. As this behavior will ultimately reduce black women to where you belong, either in church “prasin god almighty” or hooking in NJ. There is no middle ground for black women, just ugly anger or extreme piousness. Pray or Ho – that’s all black women have anymore. So keep it up.

  16. IrishGranny
    Posted January 27, 2013 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    To the African American women/girls who have posted here, let me first say that as a white woman I am ashamed and disgusted at the racist and cruel responses from white men here.

    These defective specimens not interested in any kind of real women of any race, they objectify all women and think of all of us as pieces of meat.

    Do not listen to what these low-life scum say to you.No doubt these men are fat old and ugly inside and out.

    Everyone worries about how they look when they are a teenager – I wouldn’t be 16 again if you paid me a million pounds.

    Believe me whether you are pretty or not (and I’m sure you are) you will some day meet the person who is right for you and who will desire and love you – not just because of how you look but for who you are.

    Most women are not white, stick thin, blonde, blue-eyed or even young – yet fat, balding ugly. old men and pimply youths expect them to be. What a nerve they have!

  17. Sarah Ojango
    Posted February 5, 2013 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Here’s the deals…I’ve read every post and many are extremely racist although they say they are expressing their own ‘opinions’.

    I am a 28 year old black, African American Father + African mother from the UK.

    In terms of White men being attracted to African American women….they are and always have been!

    Please don’t let the media or one random study fool you. I get approached all the time by Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and Arabic and Jewish men. To be honest I get approached more by White men than any other race and I do not look White at all and to be honest they are not really my type. I am a beautiful black women with rich chocolate skin, thick braided hair, proud of my cultural heritage.

    Confidence is attractive. Knowing who you are is imperative! Knowing that your life is valuable is so important. Otherwise you will accept the lies planted by the insecure. So they give African American women labels….chew them up and spit them back out….Do not digest them…don’t even waste time meditating on lies. African-American is very beautiful: FACT….now put that in your pipe and smoke it :)

  18. Lana
    Posted February 5, 2013 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    I can understand the scientific argument as to why non-black men don’t like black women. If you don’t like black features (lips, nose, hair), then there’s really nothing that can be done. But my suspicion is that the media controls the standards of beauty in America. Let’s not pretend that there are no beautiful black women out there. Both light skinned, medium and dark skinned. But how often are they portrayed on television? Think of a random show. Take the Walking Dead for example. Almost all of the white women cast were all attractive. But the black women? I’m sorry to say that they weren’t that attractive. Jacqui was an older woman with short hair and leathery skin and Michonne always looks like she’s ready to eat children.
    Most people rely on the media to give them an accurate portrayal of America and the world. But beautiful black women are always underrepresented in the media. I can think of many attractive black girls I’ve seen throughout my life. Unfortunately, I don’t see that same number of black women shown in the media.
    Are some black women loud, uncouth, uneducated, overweight and generally unpleasant to look at and be around? Sure. I’ll be the first to say it. But they are shown way too often in the media, as if ALL black women are this way. Why aren’t beautiful black women cast in the roles for black women? When casting directors are looking for white women to cast, 9/10 one of the minimum requirements is that she must be attractive. But its not so for black women. You always hear them saying, “For the role of this black person, we wanted this character to display a certain strength, dignity and power.”What? You mean like a man? They don’t select for beauty when casting black women. So it makes it seem like white women are the epitome of beauty, while black women are unattractive bull dogs.
    Some people like dark skin, others don’t. But I feel that the media does the people a disservice by refusing to show beautiful dark skinned black women. You think people would find dark skinned black men attractive if only Flava Flav look-a-likes were cast? Of course not. If Hollywood took more pains to cast more attractive, in-shape, well spoken, beautiful black women in the roles of black women, I guarantee you the number of people who find black women unattractive would significantly decrease.

  19. Ayaebi,African
    Posted February 11, 2013 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    The talk about African women being unattractive smacks of racism.Those who say black women are unattractive(not even the least attractive) do so because they already have a preconceived idea about black people generally.What are the qualities to be considered beautiful in a woman?Is it having an attractive bosom, haunches,nice skin, being petite, or nice character. The preference for Asian women today is a fad based mainly on the character and respect the draw. During the American occupation of Japan just after WW2 Japanese prostitutes did breast enhancements to attract US soldiers.people in the ‘sex movie’ industry who have to be more realistic because their return on investment depends on it feature more black women by far than Asian women even though they are based in California with a large Asian population. Ask the same people who say black women are unattractive who is dirtier,less intelligent and less trustworthy and guess who they are gonna pick out

  20. Dee
    Posted February 15, 2013 at 2:12 am | Permalink

    I have to answer every ones question and responce, as an older Africa American female. I would tell you ( Willy Lench Syndrome). The media is at hand in this. They intentionaly misrepresent black females as ghetto. Slutts and hores. When that is so far from the truth. If you ever pay attention to rap videos they have young black females with there clothes off. This is not true life of a black women or girl. That is just the record companies white executives trying to keep the black race in slavery. Yes I said it with the false hoods that they sell to the public this bling bling erra. Most black men make less than the black women so why would we objectify ourselves for money or anything else. BLack women are mostly raises and thw church we are taught to keep our leggs closed from birth. Freaks, hores, over sexual we are far from. WE as black women prefer to date and ne with one man preferably a black man that is why there are less black women being married we just prefer black and most black men are locked up and or can not support a family. The high Hiv rate comes from a black man telling his women he is not cheating or gay but he is. She trust him he doesnt use a condom and he comes back and infects her. Most black women are faith. Smart, intelligent, Educated, we make are own money. We do not wait on a man to take care of us.

  21. Posted February 16, 2013 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    Interesting article…I noticed that even black women don’t like black guys! You can see a lot of black women looking for non-white guys on dating websites.

    Anyways, I’m an Indian guy and I find Indian women to be the most attractive; I’m getting married to one :)

  22. Random black male
    Posted February 18, 2013 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    I am a high school black male. Over the years I have found that I am not attracted to black women whatsoever. Now before you go on calling me a “sellout, ” hear what I have to say. MOST black women tend to have an attitude or a culture that I personally find repulsive. Things such as weaves disgust me. White women tend to carry themselves in an attractive manner as compared to their black counterparts. And let’s not forget the scientific proof that black women have higher testosterone levels than any other female race. The excessively large ass, wide nose, fat lips, nasty hair, and overall ape like features are terrifying. I’m glad my sister doesn’t have any of these. Now I’m not saying I dislike ALL black women. Alicia Keys AND Tyra Banks are some examples of attractive black women. But I couldn’t see myself marrying a black women even if she was attractive. I think that if you’re a black women and you find men do not desire you, then you must look at yourself and what you’re doing wrong and fix it. Soon too, because is black men are tired of your shit and are leaving for the more attractive, sexy, gorgeous, clean, blonde haired, blue eyed, tight assed, white women.

  23. Ashley
    Posted February 19, 2013 at 8:54 am | Permalink

    I am a young African American female, I have always been told I should model (I tried but the idea of being emaciated to be considered beautiful seemed retarded), my first boyfriend was white and I have dated a black boy, I even had a crush on an Asian boy, I am not a whore, though other black boys would say I was because was not solely interested in black boys, I don’t see race as a factor that makes someone more beautiful. I just don’t see why people can not see someone as a person instead of a skin color. It’s just sickening. And to make it worse, people teach their kids this. This is why I want to be an educator. to shatter these lopsided beliefs in what makes women and men beautiful. And as for The whole white girl dipped in chocolate, Just Stop It. Most of those women are mixed anyway. I will gladly teach my children and any other children that beauty is not defined by yours race, and neither is intelligence. This whole beauty thing all boils down to one conclusion to me, the possession of another person and/or other persons. The need to control has been apparent to me from what I have seen in history, and that keeps human beings of all races from progressing. I was always told by teachers that my generation would be the ones to stop racism, but they forgot that its taught not learned. I just do not see why we, as human beings, have to constantly class each other and find ways to make ourselves better than the person next to us.

  24. Ashleye
    Posted February 22, 2013 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    These views are all interesting (if not, for some, a bit sad). The truth is, racism exists…period. Media does have a lot to do with what the world considers beautiful and the more images you see the more influenced you become. I am an African-American young woman, with light skin but definitely “Black features”, as some of you would claim. I have full lips, a wider nose and an hour-glass shape (sorry to hurt some of your feelings, but no, I’m not out of shape, 6-pack abs and am not overweight, just blessed with the curves of my ancestors). I do not “talk ghetto” either, in fact, as a woman with a Journalism degree and working on my MBA I probably speak more proper than the majority of those of you stating “to be black means to be ghetto”. I have been asked out by Black men, Asians, White men, Hispanic men and Indians. I find that true men find personalities and how a woman carries herself to be attractive…not her nose, or stature or complexion…but again that only refers to real men. I suggest all women find one of those and stop caring as to why ignorant boys pretending to be men feel otherwise about who they are.

  25. Posted February 26, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    This is a comment for Random black male. Let me just say that you’re actually worthy being called an ignorant fool. Reading your comment, all I could do was laugh at your constant contradiction. Firstly you start of by decisively saying that you don’t find black women attractive. Later you juxtaposed this comment by saying you find people like Alicia Keys attractive. You have white girl dipped in chocolate syndrome being detrimental to the real authentic black race. So ehat if black women have broad noses and big lips and big bums? That is still beautiful, just a different kind of beauty. If this was the type of look endorsed and represented by the media in mass, believe me, you would be all over black girls. But it’s not, so you feel obliged to like a brainless sheep, follow the media.
    Im fed up of poor black girls always having to prove themselves and made to feel inadequate or ugly when black is beautiful. You know, it’s ironic how stereotypical black features that people like yourself describe as ugly, like the ‘excessively fat ass’ is what women of all races are paying to have. Every women wants an ass like Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj, so maybe it’a attractive after all. As for you hating weaves I think you’re silly and a hypocrite because black women get weaves to please the narrow minded ignorants like yourself by adopting the apparently more attractive white hair texture and style.
    There are unattractive people in every race with bad attitudes and ghetto behaviour even though I don’t know why being ghetto is derogatory, the black race is not the unattractive race so people should be open minded. At the end of the day if a black boy like yourself is dismissing his own race then there is something wrong with the world. But to be frank, you’re missing out on the beauty and uniqueness of black women.

  26. br0k3ns0u1
    Posted March 8, 2013 at 2:24 am | Permalink

    I am of Indian origin, born and raised in London. I am not racist and have had relationships with most races/cultures except black women. Its not something I have even considered.

    My experiences of black people generally have not been positive. I cannot make generalisations because we are all individuals but the way a large proportion of London black people and celebrities behave is just not acceptable to me. As such I am not attracted to black women.

    Physically, some black women are defo hot but again the majority are obese which I find unappealing. Also whats with the hair?

  27. JustMe
    Posted March 8, 2013 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    Any Black person, say 22 years old+ (Asian or any other race) who allows pink people with no lips, pencil noses, caked on makeup (females), no curvy asses, men with tiny penises and no asses… to define Black (or other) beauty deserves to feel as inadequate as you feel. Anytime you can’t look in the mirror and see all the beauty in your Black (Asian, Native American, etc.) face, then you deserve to feel second best. I mean really, your beauty is staring you right in the face and you take cues from the nastiest, most insecure Caucasians on the planet? Give me a break.
    To the younger girls who posted: continue to keep yourself in good shape and be beautiful inside, too, and trust me that “real men” will flock to you, as the other poster stated. It is the real men you want. I am a Black woman old enough to have high school kids and men of all races can’t seem to stay out of my face. I do not look like a Caucasian at all. I am simply gorgeous, and also educated, interesting, fun-loving, caring… yeah, all that beauty on the inside. I went to a predominately Caucasian high school and didn’t get asked out by them either. I’m glad I didn’t because they were the wrong kind. Good luck.

  28. I am a Black woman
    Posted March 9, 2013 at 4:57 am | Permalink

    First of all reading this, I am shocked by the responses or should i be? I am a black woman. I am in college. Im not ghetto, I dont wear wild pink and green weave. Im not overweight. I keep my body healthy inside and out. I know how to speak correctly, and Im not a slut in any way. Its sad that black women all are put in one box as being the same way. loud, ghetto, overweight, wild weave, food stamps and all that nonsense. Yes my lips are full and my nose is wide. This is the way I was born. I dont want to be white and I dont put in weave, contacts, and etc to look white. I hate that I am judged before people get to know me just because of my color. its sad. I am a psychology major, soon to be a doctor, my sister and my mom are both pursuing their doctorate. Racism is so sad.

  29. Honeybooboomom
    Posted March 11, 2013 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    So Honeybooboo’s mom is more attractive than actress Megan Good? Come again? There are many beautiful black women who are wonderful people but racism doesnt allow you to see that. There are many Asian women with wide noses, short stature and not attractive like Soon Yi Previn but in your theory Soon Yi is more attractive than Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child? Come again?

  30. Honeybooboomom
    Posted March 11, 2013 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Brkok: I dont know, there was an article a year ago stating that condom sizes had to be made significantly smaller for Indian men as they were significantly smaller in size. Does that make you feel good? In America, the majority of Indian men are -falsely so – seen as terrorists due to their physical similarity to Arab men. Does that make you feel good? You should know better. You obviously have not met attractive black women. That is on you. To say they scientifically dont exist just shows you have been brainwashed way too long by your British colonial culture.

  31. Rigel
    Posted March 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    I’d just like to add that those saying that black women have a “repulsive attitude” (*cough*John Dixie, Eddie, Erik, Random Black Male*cough*) are making the mistake of mixing race with personality.

    Race determines one’s physical features, not overall personality. Culture and surroundings determine one’s personality. The black women described as having a repulsive attitude probably were raised in a setting that had negative impact on them. Their life experiences may have shaped them into the people that abhor you so much. Honestly, you don’t know WHY they act like that. Keep that in mind.

    Let’s say you took a baby and raised them in the ghetto. how would you expect their personality to shape? Now let’s take the same baby and raise them in suburbia. How is their personality shaped now?

    They’d be two completely different people, with completely different problems, dreams, personalities… everything would be different, except perhaps their physical appearances.

    Keep that in mind; not only when judging races, but also when judging people based on their jobs, nationalities, philosophies, and hobbies. Everyone’s an individual, and everyone deserves to be judged on an individual basis no matter what.


  32. Svar
    Posted March 26, 2013 at 6:04 pm | Permalink

    The black “women”(I would never say ladies because that’s something they don’t know how to be) just prove what the vast majority of men think about black women to be true.

    Caucasian features are softer, more structured and beautiful and you see this in most female members of the Caucasian race not just the white or European ones(i.e. like Lebanese women or Persian women).

    In contrast you have black women with unfeminine behavior and coarse, rough features.

  33. Bill
    Posted March 29, 2013 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    Wow… people find attractive those they find attractive…nuff said.

    The consolidation of cliches regarding behaviour as well as those that attach racism to any comment that is not flattering are both laughable…i do hope in 50 years the bigots are gone, the cry babies stop crying, and humans move ahead as a family

  34. Alice19th
    Posted March 30, 2013 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    People can like what they like. But it’s wrong when a person says I find this one racial group unattractive because of there personalities and other attributes other races have.

    NOT liking a black women because she is over weight that’s retarded, there are many many over weight white people/other races but your not saying there all ugly.

    NOT every black women has a adttiute, there are white women that are bitches, asshole and abusive but there not all way.

    Think of it this way…there are men that are Pedophiles, more than you think. They rape children sometimes there own family members. Most people I’ve seen do this (On TV) are white.


    The girls in Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore are trash but does that mean all white women that are from Jersey/the south are that way?! No…

  35. Alice19th
    Posted March 30, 2013 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    My point is stop rationalizing YOUR hate. If you don’t what to date black women don’t do it, just don’t make up retarded half-ass reasons as to why…

    Your doing us a favor, by not liking us :)

  36. jessie smith
    Posted April 1, 2013 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    This article is seriously making me reconsider my acceptance to Harvard Business School. Shocked that the author is a Harvard MBA and would encourage this kind of demeaning nonsense by creating such a stupid post.

    For the record, I am a succesful and beautiful black woman with black features, an awesome hourglass figure and natural unrelaxed no weave hair. I have lived in Europe, Africa and the US and have found that men of all races have beed attracted to me. I have dated men from India, Sweden, Nigeria and England, all respectable professionals who had the sense to appreciate that beauty comes in all shades.

    This article and the comments are very disgusting

  37. XenChi
    Posted April 5, 2013 at 2:34 pm | Permalink


    john dixon

    Posted September 1, 2012 at 11:07 pm | Permalink

    You did not answer her question. The answer is simple: most white men do not find black features attractive. The big jaw, the wide nose, the out of shape bodies. Also, the ghetto way of talking. Look at the black women who are considered beautiful and they all have white features (nose, jaw, lips), nice bodies, and normal speaking voices. Hence, the apt description of a white girl dipped in chocolate.

    ask ANY WHITE MAN WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH AND YOU WILL GET THE SAME ANSWER!!! Black women please stop asking if you are only going to reject the truth when you hear it. It’s getting a little old now.

  38. Geez
    Posted April 6, 2013 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    “Men don’t write black women back. Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should.”

    Than they SHOULD? Wow, that sounds like a rather dictator-like thing to say. People have the right to be attracted to whomever they like, and political correctness shouldn’t make people feel forced to go out with people they are really not in to. Attraction isn’t a political choice. We don’t choose who gives us “that spark” and who doesn’t, and for someone to blatantly tell us that we *should* date people we don’t feel attracted to just because we’re white and they’re black is the definition of racism.

  39. foo
    Posted April 8, 2013 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    Have human decency. and don’t fart on other people or crap will come of it

  40. ed
    Posted April 18, 2013 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    Well, that was until recently, and that black women imitated the gringo and that was the reason, the style not favored, with hair, wavy which reached to the knees, and those who wear bright lipsticks White. But now the Latin woman, has influenced change that. The black woman now mimics the Latin style, blush softer, etc.. For example, now get extensions “peruvian hair” and look much better, enhance your natural beauty, and now the kids are more willing to go running home from a colored girl. So this post should be marked on the outdated category. Latinas So comes from a great culture 20,000 years old and therefore has much to teach, not to imitate Latino gringo, and now brunettes either, because each race has different styles. That’s what you need to learn

  41. joe
    Posted April 20, 2013 at 7:35 am | Permalink

    black women look like men. that’s why they are considered unattractive. sorry, but high testosterone will make any woman ugly. oh, the bitchy attitude doesn’t help.

  42. blady helll
    Posted May 6, 2013 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    I am Indian and strongly feel that Indian size is similar to black size and better than white/china size. I don’t know of other races. Indian men are known for their vigor and as such they r unhapy in sexx with indian women. They like exotic vistors to India and love white and black alike. Russian are better. Black women are definitely good natured and sweet. They have strong character and is that is more required than beauty. White media wrongly potraits India men as small but remember Indian men eat crap food but are more powerful than white or black. No one can fight a determined Indian man. Black man is potraited as big but it is fact now that they aren’t. Its only the media hype. So bottom line is enjoy. any race and in any color you can find love.

  43. blady helll
    Posted May 6, 2013 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    some more to add…..most black men are spoilt with bad habits. They are spoiling black women too and harassing them. I prefer chinese and black women rather than Indian women.

  44. johnyjoe
    Posted May 10, 2013 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    I don’t know why but I am obsessed with black women. I remember the first time I ever found one attractive in elementary school, but I never had the guts to ask her out. After that I had another crush on this gorgeous black chick in high school. This time I had just broken up from a relationship. Years later I asked her out, she told me she was single, but wasn’t (she played me). We went out for a couple of weeks before I found out and left her.

    More years later and now I am in a relationship with another [gorgeous] black woman. I don’t know why, but I just cant seem to find other women as attractive as black women. I swear I don’t know why! I love the skin tone on my girlfriend’s skin, I love how her hair is wavy and how big her lips are. Love the shape of her nose and eyes. Love how light reflects off her back and other parts LOL

    Am I crazy? LOL A lot of my friends always say they wouldn’t date black women and give me props for being with one. My cousins always make fun of me by sending me pictures of black chicks and telling me “This is what you like” etc. I wish they could see what I see. There are so many more things to love about them than their looks.

    For example: My gf doesn’t let me slack off. She will tell me off if I mess up. She keeps me from being lazy which helps at school. Also she is so loving and affectionate, which is something I’ve never really had with other girls I’ve been with in the past. She loves to remind me of how much she loves me and will show it when we are alone.

    I’ll stop writing before I get too personal, but the bottom line is that black women are very special. If you guys would give one a chance I bet you will not regret it. Don’t be scared to talk to one. Trust me, it took me 3 years to get the guts to ask my high school crush out on a date. Then took me more guts to tell this my current girlfriend that I like her and that I wanted to get to know her more (once again, complete strangers at first, but she captivated me with her looks).

  45. Posted May 10, 2013 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    I am a black girl in highschool and reading these comments I realise how brainwashed this world is. I have nothing against white people at all (infact most of my friends are white and I love them) but some of the comments above are those of illiterates. I am in HIGHSCHOOL and I know that anyone suggesting that any race is less developed than another is a simpleton. How on earth would one think that the race with the least genetical errors would be less ” human”
    Black people are beautiful in my opinion and at e doing quite well considering that less than 200 years ago, they were tormented and enslaved. Infact there were at a time white and Indian slaves but they were not strong enough to endure the physical and mental pain of slavery…
    I realise I’m rambling a bit ( I do that) but this subject and the comments that cone with it strike up much controversy.
    What I really want to say is I think all people can be beautiful and there are slot of rasists out there who want to keep some races down. It’s too bad for them that people are finally starting to realise that beauty comes in all shapes sizes and colours

  46. Lovely
    Posted May 13, 2013 at 12:43 am | Permalink

    It absolutely kills me to sit back and read all of these ignorant comments being made. From those who claim that they are “not racist” and proceed to toss stereotypes about Black women left and right and to those who call all races including the white race ugly.
    Being an African American girl with and African mother I too have faced the prejudices that exist about black women. Because I am not ghetto, I “act white” and because I’m black I’m rejected by those in the white community. Should I be ghetto and have an attitude because I’m black? NO. Has it not occurred to everyone that slavery was not THAT long ago and complete separatism of all minorities existed only some years ago? Many who live in the ghetto DO NOT receive a proper education nor are they even given the time of day by people outside. black people, being the more highly populated race in America because of the slave trade, are among them. So it may seem that ONLY black people are living like that but it just happens that is a higher percentage of poor black people for now. I will admit there are some ignorant individuals that embarrass the community (numbers can hurt us as well) but Caucasian individuals cannot play a high and mighty part here either. We are human and we all make stupid decisions. Dependent on the life you live and what people expect from you, you tend to live up to that. An attitude can be expected from ANY race. Maybe you just see it more from the one that takes the most societal crap.
    Honestly, I don’t care about race and neither should anyone else. It actually is dated back to the more “barbaric” times in which light skin is considered beautiful. Whites preferred the pale skin and pale hair and other races followed the same path. ALL races have those few that have prominate noses (whether it be koala shaped or toucan shaped), ALL races have the “squished” “distorted shaped” few” and ALL have those who more closely resemble an animal. I’ve had the chance to travel ALL over the world and see this. My family ranges in colors and the ones straight from Africa do NOT have gigantic noses, they are NOT hairy (which is a stupid misconception. Everyone has hair most women rid themselves from it through laser hair removal and nair), and they ALL range from different shapes. Because of ignorance, it hurts me that a man would choose an ugly white woman over a beautiful black woman and vise versa. But who am I to judge right? I’m just Americas youth and probably should grow up to be as ignorant as many people are.

  47. Horrez
    Posted May 13, 2013 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    First of all if you know anything about genetics you will no that white people are more hairy then a dog and i dont say this to be mean.As a matter of fact genetically white people are closre to that of an animal than that of a black person and this is a fact.I dont know where you got your information from or what black woman you saw when you stopped smoking that radiation fluid but that shit you talking is a bunch of bullshit you let out And its actually funny how alot of white people revert themselves on to others.I have never seen a group of white people that call people what they themselves know they are and accuse others of doing what they have already done and are still doing.I am not gonna entertain this nonsense/lies any longer.Have a wonderful day.

  48. KevinTaka
    Posted May 18, 2013 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    There is so much ignorance in the world regarding humanity and history; and this subject is a perfect example.

    Do you know that racism as it exist today, was a way of justifying the African slave trade?

    So this limited notion of beauty is not a human one, but manufactured attempt to hide the greed of the most horrific era in human history. The only one ever, where a human population had their human status removed. And this has resulted in the biases and ignorance we still see today.

    Regarding features:

    The Fact is that every facial feature you can find in any part of of the globe originated in Africa and can still be found there.

    Naturally, with the of the most ancient peoples on earth comes diversity; and there are now over 2,000 different ethnic groups in Africa, all with unique looks and body types.

    From aquiline or broader noses, the epicanthic folds of Asian type eyes or round eyes of various colors, to the lip sizes and shapes various forms Africa has them all.

    You can walk the streets of Europe and see a variety of features. As a matter of another fact, people who have features which are different than the norm in their particular societies, are considered the most attractive.

    Regarding people from lower socioeconomic rungs of the latter, yes, their lack of available education and resources has made it more difficult to break out of environmental influences in style, language ect.

    However, these are not race specific: i.e. Ghettos, Trailer parks, back wood communities all suffer the same plights, but in different accents.

    Too much is made of the Americans of African descent, while the Americans of say European descent who live in the trailer park are overlooked.

    Lack of education and resources affects any human being.

    After the recession, many more whites have experienced the economic problems which blacks have had to deal with for over a century, and they too are finding their children becoming ghettoized.

    Therefore we should understand and correct issues that negatively alter human productivity, versus blaming the victims of circumstance. Doing otherwise is Illogical, and only serves as a false boost in self pride based on ignorance.

    There are also people of all colors who are educated, responsible, intelligent, creative, resourceful, cultured; and genius has no color, gender or cultural bias.

    Lastly, with regards to beauty. Remove the false impressions which are society driven and you discover that our differences attract one another.

    So what dark attracts light, or the reverse.

    That’s nature’s way of keeping diversity in the gene pool making us all stronger, healthier and smarter, and also more importantly makes a world of less friction, ignorance and wars.

    Limiting yourself with false sayings and beliefs only hurts yourself by limiting your choices. You don’t know the color of your soul mate, your perfect mate, your best friend, your best business partner, or where life changing advice will come from.

    There are beautiful people in all shades and in every part of the world; I can be amazed by the looks of African people, European, Asian, Arabic, Latin, and all the mixtures between.

    Human beings are gorgeous, amazing creatures,.. We all are !

  49. br0k3ns0u1
    Posted May 19, 2013 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

    What I hate the most is black women who think they are so damn to when in fact they are far from it. Dodgy hair, to much makeup, fat ass, deformed body and way too much perfume or worse BO.

    Apart from looks they are just annoying and frankly mean.

  50. adele
    Posted May 26, 2013 at 2:27 am | Permalink

    Black or white, we all beautiful in our on way. Black women are not mean, its just a streotype. Once u get to know them u will love them. Stop streotyping people!!! Who are you to complain about the way someone looks? You are not perfect no one is!!

  51. Stacy
    Posted May 28, 2013 at 7:12 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know where to start. First I’m not going to place blame on Chris. If you notice he only answered a question that was posted by Lana. Now I’m going to assume that Lana posted this question and it wasn’t made up.
    First I’m going to say beauty isn’t a race, complexion or ethnicity. Beauty is beauty and it comes in all different sizes, colors, and races. However, to characterize a whole race of women based on a stereotype, just shows the narrow minded views of that person. Personally, I don’t care what those type of people think because I determine them as non-issues. They are low vibration people and need to be told what is and not beautiful. Trust me most black people I know don’t give a damn what people like that think. Just like there are white men who don’t think black women are beautiful. I know black women who would date white men if they were the last men on earth. I have to digress and say I’m open to dating all races because I know life is so much bigger than that. But, I would be re-miss if I didn’t admit that their are truly some ghetto black women out there. Those ghetto women don’t like me. I get called a white girl and I should be used to it by now but I find it offensive to think that just because someone has class, speaks standard English, and is cultured, they are aren’t black. I absolutely refuse to contribute to that thinking. It’s that type of thinking that most people don’t want to deal with. Including myself. To only be fair all races have some stereotypes. So, it’s not just ghetto black women that have issues. The all black women have weaves belief, is absolutely unfounded. I have never ever worn a weave but I have white friends that have them. I bet you didn’t know there are tons of white men that have hair replacements so most people who say that can just go to hell. The problem is black people talk too much. They tell everything and the reason why people think black women where weaves is because your local home-girl announces it where ever she goes. Therefore, you can’t blame some white people for thinking this way. As for men not being attracted to black women, that’s a lie. I get hit on everyday by black, white, latino, and occasionally asian men. There is so much I want to say but I don’t have time. I want to end it this way, love yourself, and strive to be the best you can be. Absolutely, don’t waste time seeking the approval of people who will never see your worth anyway. Also, keep in mind people are entitled to their opinion. It is what it is!

  52. Devin
    Posted June 10, 2013 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    I think most of the reason that men are not attracted to black women is their character. Physical attraction is a matter of subjective taste. Personally, I am not attracted to the features of black women, but I could reasonably see how other men might be. What men are nearly universally repulsed from is the certain aggressive, loud, and obnoxious attitude that many (if not the majority) of black women seem to possess and even celebrate in one another. Fact- it’s not a stereotype if I and others I have spoken with regarding the subject experience these qualities often in most all encounters with black women. Its called reality.

  53. Posted June 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    In California people are more accepting of black beauty. I have had affairs with men of all races. I was rated 9 out of 10 on hotness rating site and 4 out of 5 on dating sites. I’ve also been called beautiful, so I have some worth as a woman!

  54. Bean
    Posted June 14, 2013 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    I’m a black girl. In college.

    This made me sob.

    If some of these comments were meant to hurt our feelings, then mission accomplished.

    It just sucks that black woman aren’t seen as individuals.

  55. Jim
    Posted June 16, 2013 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

    Being a white guy, I think the percentage of negro (we’re talking race, after all) females who caucasian men find attractive is quite small. First, in the U.S., most ‘black’ women are descendants of slaves from West Africa. West Africans seem to have the most , for lack of better term, ‘exaggerated’ body and facial features. It’s about body type and proportion. Legs very log, out of proportion.. sharply angled hips that contribute the the distinctive appearance of black women ..from the waist down, so to speak. Facial features just aren’t what white guys are looking for.. very heavy, bony facial features, very strongly protruding lower jaw in proportion to the upper half of the face (the exact opposite of most ‘white’ women), very thick lips, flat wide nose, very little contrast between skin color, lip color, eye color, hair color.. as a white guy, I seem to be socially conditioned to find the exact opposite in features to be attractive. Now, many black women also have a rather ‘primitive’ gait, wholely unfeminine. I’m not a racist — there are some black women I find beautiful. Most are of E. African origin, or of mixed/mulato heritage. E. Africans seem to have more ‘caucasion-like’ features, with dark skin. This seems much more attractive to me. Also, it’s impossible to overlook the education, apparent intelligence, refinement, femininity.. and so very, very important: the slightest hint of ghetto or ebonic dialect (speech manerism) is a HUGE TURNOFF to most whites. It’s as grating and repulsive as can be. Please don’t pass judgment on this observation, it’s not about being ‘fair’ , etc. The question is why are black women considered unattractive. Well, ebonics is a HUGE FREAKIN TURNOFF! I’d personally be embarrassed to be seen walking hand in hand with even the most beautiful black woman if she was spewing ebonics and what was coming out of her mouth sounded like some hip hop video. Having said all this, it’s not skin color. Just the opposite.. a LOT of white guys, myself included, find very dark skinned, even BLACK skinned Indian , South Asian, E. African, Latin American women amazingly sexy and beautiful. I can’t emphasize enough, if you’re focused on skin color, that’s not it at all for most white guys.

  56. cuthean
    Posted June 17, 2013 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Thick lips, flared nostrils, bad attitudes, and gorilla vulvas.

    Next question.

  57. Don wood
    Posted June 19, 2013 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    Please people, don’t hate others for liking someone and not preferrin you or your kind. don’t hate others for bein liked and write badly about them cause they don’t deserve it.

    Rather love those who love you and ignore the others.

  58. Chris
    Posted June 21, 2013 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    I hate it when people take the politically correct route over obvious truth. People need to develop a little tougher skin and accept the world as it is instead of living in delusion.

    The fact is: black woman, on the whole, have less feminine features. This is pure, 100% fact as black women have higher testosterone levels.

    It’s not a question of racism. Black women will always be considered less attractive because, to a man, they -are- less attractive.

    Sorry, black women. Just the facts.

  59. chris
    Posted June 24, 2013 at 9:12 pm | Permalink

    the amount of very angry and very racist responses here is really quite disturbing, but i suppose if you havent got a strong opinion to one extreme or the other you wouldnt have found this article so i would guess and hope that these responses are in the vast minority.

    in any case my personal opinion as a white male is that, i find a lot black women very attractive (dark skinned included) same with my friends, some black women i do not.

    my personal experience with dating black women has been that black women in general are not attracted to white men, so i dont really bother trying to approach them anymore, obviously we cant generalize all black women, but i have personally found that those who i have dated have been very cagey and hard work (not to be confused with ghetto or aggressive), i dont want to be on the defense all the time or have to try so hard to be in a relationship with someone, i prefer and easy going relationship. if i came into contact with a pretty, intelligent well dressed black woman who was easy going and actually receptive towards me, i would be all over her, but that in my experience doesnt seem to be the case which is why i date white and spanish women who i find to be much more easy going.

  60. May
    Posted June 29, 2013 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    There seems to be a lot of very angry white men here bashing black women, but you know what guys? Black women DO NOT find white men attractive. None of you, sorry. In my 34 years, I have NEVER heard ANY black woman talk about a white man favorably. So believe me, they are not wasting their time even giving you lot of single thought. The couple of times a white man has come up is as a joke, a caricature, a pale imitation of masculinity. Everything from the pasty skin, the weird ironing board board without any discernible muscle tone, the thought of a pink tiny penis is revolting, their sexual prowess is inferior, thin lips, who would want to kiss such razors for lips, the stringy hair that is gone by age 30, most of you age horribly. Your women are leaving you in droves to mate with other women. For all your supposed ‘superiority’ they are telling you to stuff it and rather reproduce with darker men, and make more babies who look like me. HA!

    Your treasured blondies are choosing more and more to mate with black men, models Heidi Klum and Dourtzen Kroes have black mixed kids. They are trying to tell your pasty asses something, they do NOT find you attractive. Your tiny dicks are a joke. They are choosing to mate with black men and produce women who look like me. HAHA!

    While you’re spewing your bile online, your precious women are screwing the black mailman behind your back.

    I truly feel sorry for you, here you are bashing black women that would never give a white/Indian/Arab man a second look or thought, and your women are leaving you all in droves :) Brilliant!! They are slowly breeding your pasty assholes out.

    As for you Indian men, these white women you desire would rather fly to Africa or the Caribbean to pay for sex with black men, and make more women who look like me, more women who will NOT look at you.

    You are all very very insecure. I love turning down white and Indian men. They are inferior, deep down they know it, their women know it and they are voting with their feet.

  61. Angie
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    Look at your current national statistics for domestic violence and you will see while men at the top of the list. They won’t date a black woman as often because they know she is not going for that power struggle bull. Black women cannot be controlled as easily. Yet they have always kept them close, throughout history you all know the brown women were always known to be the most exotic. By nature black and brown and all it’s variations are more attractive. Don’t believe someone else’s lies! We are all Gods Children

  62. Monice
    Posted July 2, 2013 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    Chris where you at? Jk but honestly you white people that think black women are crazy deranged and uneducated… Where are YOU from?? Women are far more educated than men in general and add on top of that the thousands of trained nurses, teachers, principals, sheriffs officers, mayors, I could go on and on…that are black women!

  63. Kay
    Posted July 3, 2013 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    Yes, a lot of these comments are very racist, SOME are true…I’m a dark skinned african American so no racism here…. 9/10 african American women are overweight, which explains the stereotype that all black women are fat. Also blacks DO tend to have wide set noses, wide jaws, and more masculine features. And the only black women in media that are considered “beatiful” have white features: light skin, thin noses and lips, straight hair, fit bodies, etc. Its frustrating when white women have black features, they are “exotic” and “sexy” but when black women have full lips, natural tanned skin and full bottoms, they are ghetto and slutty. I’m only 13 and I already realize that having dark skin is considered “ugly” by society….also anime does tend to have white preferences, for example: sailor moon has big blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a thin , tall body. She is probably the most famous anime their is….coincidence? White women are just as attractive as any other race but put on a pedestal because there are more whites in America than any other race and considered the wealthiest and the healthiest

  64. Maria Gonzales
    Posted July 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My mother is a beautiful dark skinned black woman and even though she is 35 plus she gets hit on my all races of men. My father isn’t even black he’s from Spain and he also finds my mother gorgeous. It’s mostly attitude that turns people off from black women but not all black women are nasty like that. It usually depends on what area you are in. I understand the obesity thing though and I will no longer comment because i know I will hurt peoples feelings

  65. april
    Posted July 6, 2013 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

    Well i am black and i am more beautiful than most white people i see around me….i have NEVER met a man or woman white ,black, Asian, Spanish or Indian who didn’t fine me attractive and try to hit on me. Just the other day i was at the mall with my white friend and this white guy was hitting on me i wasn’t interested so i point him toward my friend and he wasn’t interested he said i rather you not her.

  66. Loveless
    Posted July 7, 2013 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    I have net some black girls who have attitude. I however, do not have attitude. I am very shy and quiet. I am Mormon and the majority of the men in my church are white and they tell me I’m pretty all the time. Black women are stuck as a whole under one stereotype. We are not all ghetto, fat, have big butts or breast. I have never given any man attitude. I welcome men of all types and in the 3 relationships I’ve had, there was not one argument. As a black woman, I understand that men like to be treated as kings and catered to. And as a Black Woman, I am more than willing to do for my man exactly if not more than what any Spanish, white or Asian woman will do for a man. I can make any man feel like a king and I am determined to do so… I am NOT the only black woman out there like this…

  67. someone
    Posted July 18, 2013 at 6:30 am | Permalink

    I am a bisexual girl and i don’t find most black girls attractive while i think whites, Latinos and Asian girls/guys are attractive. Halle Berry is gorgeous though. I think its because i don’t find the rough kinky rough hair texture of a sub-Saharan attractive. I also don’t like skin that’s above tanned. I don’t find broad noses attractive either. But i do find some black/white mixed people attractive sometimes. Alek wek is the most unattractive girl i have ever seen and i don’t find people attractive with her features. It’s just my natural preference.

  68. enlightened 1
    Posted July 19, 2013 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    I have made and written a thesis on this, and someone has plagiarised it, and got an award for it. I know because even my grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes were included. Now then I have noted that here in England Black women and Indian males get the “I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole treatment”. I have noted that in India that only fair coloured skin people are employed in the lead roles and Bollywood. They will have typical European features,.i.e sharp noses, and most will wear contact lenses, which make their eyes look lighter. The bad guy is always of dark skin. In-fact a whole industry is present in skin lightening. However this was namely down to the Early conquests where the imperialists, and conquistadors, told the people of dark skin and non European features that they were not worthy, that man was created in the image of God, and the image of God, is a white blonde haired blue eyed person, the truth is he was nothing of the sort. Remember it is the powerful who write history and tell us what and how to think. In England though Indian women, are the most sough after just watch the BBC, and you will note the over representation of Indian Women. For every one male employed in the BBC, in front of the camera 42 Indian women are present. The BBC is not the only culprit, many, many companies showcase the Indian female as the Iconic ideal of beauty. Black men too are seen and shown as the alpha male. This is mainly to do to the large influence that black men have in physical sports, and music. After all you do not see many or any black male predominates a sport like Chess, snooker, anything that requires more challenging mental acuity. When black women are shown they are of mixed race origin, light skin, sharp noses, and straight or curly blonde hair. There is something to the human psyche that has made light or fair coloured skin seem attractive, and this may be down to the good and evil aspect, where light is seen as good and black or dark as evil. You also have to see that a phenomenon called the lion pride principal exists; in that males have and do control society the predicates of it. Humans are animals and just like animals, if we look at the animal world we see that females of another pack, area, are coveted, it is a genetic programme, in that it gives rise to varied offspring. The male needs and want variance as it gives rise to a wider gene pool. However males of another pack or nomadic are fought off. A good example of this is in any drinking place like a watering hole. Women are welcomed, however males of another race are not and are actively discouraged in frequenting the drinking / meeting place are discouraged, and even have confrontations. To this end Black males because of their physical attributes, and mentality are able to fight off and handle themselves. Asians are not so physically adapt at this. They are often physically smaller and weaker, however they are mentally superior, as was the controversial topic of Oprah where a white scientist, made the observation that black men ranked numero 1 in physical strength. followed by white and then Asians, he consequently said that however mentally it was the exact reverse in that Indian males, were by far superior in intellect, followed by white and lagging behind was the black males. This caused an outrage. However he said look I am not racist as I have said being a white man that my group come second every time. The Indian and Chinese haven’t got all huffy about this it is only the black male. It seems that intelligence seems to be quite and important thing then does it not. After all it is what separates us from the rest of creation. I know Black men who will not date a black woman as they are brain washed into thinking black women are not attractive. To be brutally honest I think well over 90% of the population would if they were honest not find a black woman attractive. In-fact Sean Connery as 007 James Bond said he did not want any love interest being black. It was acceptable to be and have racist values. Rodger Moore on the other hand was true gentlemen, who held no such white superiority complex. Indeed the word he has done in Charity terms goes to reinforce this.
    I think white establishment are scared of Asian males as they are clever, now living in a western society becoming as tall and well built as their other counterparts,so there is a written code to say that do not let them be seen a alpha male. Everytime a Indian or Chinese males is shown he is very alien looking, with a turban on the head, fat, nerdy or gay. When in the vast majority Indian men are the ideal of what is attractive, intelligent, tanned, professional, and well balanced. In a study it was found that white women were the least likely to go out with a Indian male, they were seen as second class, i.e not good enough and you had failed to be doing so. I think this is the same with black women. People often sneer and geer a man going out with a black women, as they think this is the lowest of the low, how sad the world is? Alas it is a shame that Black women are still hidden away, and kept in the dark if you pardon the pun. The only black women which will be show cased as attractive are ones which look Indian, like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Imani. Straight hair, light skin and not representative of black women. I am afraid my mother being dark has suffered from being a dark skinned person, She is one of the most beautiful women who ever there was. However people who have light skin but little else i.e. buck teeth, squint eyes, and moles, and other unsightly problems, deemed unattractive by society think they are superior because they have light skin. People are people and we should look at them beyond the surface, however we are afraid to do so because the ego in us make us think what will the peer group say? It unfortunately will not change as long as the power is in the hands of people who look a certain way control the status quo and how and what we should deem attractive. We should deem by seeing people not through the eyes but by our hearts, and maybe thierin lies our test. A test where 90% would fail. Sorry if this is more philosophical than a root and branch cause.

  69. Angie
    Posted July 19, 2013 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

    I’m a non black minority, but I’ve grown up with Blacks. Here are a few thoughts (and I’m not saying I agree with any of it):

    1. Black women are bigger than other women, hence that makes them look a bit more masculine. Big as in–heavier, bigger bones, etc. Also, just because you have a big butt, doesn’t mean it’s a nice butt. Stay FIT.

    2. Hair- it’s no secret, hair is a complex issue for Black women. My suggestion is, keep it as simple and clean as possible. Non blacks just “don’t get” Black hair. Why do you have to wrap it at night? Why do you use hair pieces that look so unrealistic, etc. Non-blacks don’t really like the smell of all the hair and skin products that BW use. So like I say, keep it simple.

    3. Attitude. THIS IS A BIG ONE. I really wish black women would take this seriously. No, you’re not a “strong black woman.” You’re bitchy, angry…and no one wants to be around that. I’ve heard sooo many Black men say that black women treat them like garbage and they are sick of it. I don’t blame them. I myself, have been verbally assaulted by many black women over the years for absolutely no reason. One time I was walking in a shopping center, I guess I was walking too slow, and two black women behind me went crazy, screaming at me. REALLY?? NO OTHER WOMAN BESIDES A BLACK WOMAN WOULD DO THAT. I put my LIFE on that!

    Black women, please ACT LIKE A LADY. You don’t realize how bad you make yourselves look. Stop acting ghetto, stop being so loud. Take some responsibility for yourselves. I’ve read so many blogs about this and the responses are always the same, “white women are weak,” blah blah blah. White women aren’t weak, they treat their men with respect. CLEARLY they are doing something right because they are taking your men.

    I don’t mean to be harsh but BW, please look at YOURSELVES and ask what YOU are doing wrong. It’s not the rest of us, it’s YOU. Your personalities make you look hideous.

    4. All over the world, light skin is seen as beautiful and dark skin is seen as unattractive. That’s just the way it is. I’m not saying I agree with it.

    The problem is: BLACKS AGREE WITH IT. In black movies, the light skinned woman is always seen as the pretty one. How many Blacks have admitted that dark skin is ugly??

    So, what I don’t understand is: Blacks complain that others see them as ugly, but they see themselves as ugly. I just don’t get it. Fix your own self esteem and community before you try to fix others. You guys complain about your hair and skin, but wonder why society doesn’t find you attractive. YOU DON”T EVEN FIND YOURSELVES attractive.

    Lastly, and I’ve heard this repeatedly, white women do not want to be black. A very TINY number of white women get butt implants, tans and lip injections–this doesn’t mean they want to be black. Latinos are tan, Middle Easterners are tan…Blacks are black (or brown or light skinned). It’s absurd to say a WW wants to be black because she tanned her skin to look like Jessica Alba. She TAN, not BLACK! Use some common sense! Also, big butts and lips aren’t only for Blacks, many people have them. Armenians, Palestinians are sometimes known to have big butts. Some Asians have thick full lips.

    Ugh….this is draining.

  70. Trayvon Johnson
    Posted July 24, 2013 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    This is an idiotic article that did not properly answer the woman’s question. You cite the fact that Asians are underrepresented, and yet Asian women are considered just as attractive as white women, while blacks are below average (by about 35% according to a London School of Economics study) by black men, white men, and Asian men. Her question is why is basically EVERY race equal in America on looks EXCEPT for black WOMEN (black men are considered just as attractive as other men in surveys). It’s because scientifically, Africans have more testosterone, so their men look more masculine AND their women look more masculine. This makes them have bigger features, like wide noses, big lips etc. In men that is considered attractive but women just look manly. Of course there are some very attractive black women, but overall, they are less attractive due to their large features (which explains why women like Beyonce with less “black” features is considered beautiful).
    If you’re a black woman though, you can still be beautiful, as with any race.

  71. bogus man
    Posted July 24, 2013 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

    Hmm. I am Indian and I love black women. A lot of Black men want to marry only white women. Let them do what they like. I wanna tell all black girls to truly love indian men. Indian men wont disappoint you and be with you for life. Color doesn’t matter but love does.

  72. Thatwoman
    Posted July 28, 2013 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    I find this article to be incorrect .Maybe in America, black women are found unattractive.But if you go elsewhere we are in high demand. European men love black women, and I have experienced this first hand. They go crazy for black women, cant get enough. We are seen as exotic, beautiful creatures. Many may disagree, but if you go to europe or Africa and see for yourself. This white was mad because my friends and I were getting all the attention. I am from an African country and majority of the interracial couples are black woman and white man. Black women are so incredibly beautiful. I also think African American women are amongst the most beautiful black women or or just women, in the world. There is obviously something wrong with the men in that country, who can not see the beauty infront of them.

  73. Tina
    Posted July 30, 2013 at 10:30 am | Permalink

    I’m aware that we’re considered unattractive, and I truly don’t care. Luckily, my life is minimally impacted by non-blacks as it is. Even if it were, I don’t exist on this earth to please them, so however they feel about black women is their problem and business. Not mine.

    Posted August 2, 2013 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    I am an Indian from India. I lived in USA for 5 years. To help with this discussion I would like to give my experiences and opinions!
    I used to be considered good looking in
    in India. I went for my masters degree in
    USA in my early 20s. I noticed that any one
    raised in USA, all races (including Indian,
    asian, hispanic, white) treated me like dirt
    because I was Indian. Even the women of
    these races avoided me. By the same token
    as I did not find black women attractive.
    I think each person has his preferences
    irrespective of his race. We can just leave
    it at that.
    One the other hand I think black men
    are cool, (I am not gay by the way), I lived
    with some of them in USA. Even in the
    media they are cool, like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jim Kelly(Enter the
    Dragon), Cuba gooding Jr, Chris tucker, Martin lawrence, etc.
    So I guess preferences really vary gender too.
    Most western women ignored me usually,
    but the asian women, east european women, and russian women used to show interest in me, more than indian women, while I was in USA.
    Finally now I am old and not considered attractive even in India 😉

  75. fen
    Posted August 5, 2013 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    Why if black women are considered so unattractive, and possess features that are so undesirable are we seeing more and more woman of other ethnicities, mainly white women getting plastic surgery to attain features that many here have identified as being unattractive black woman identifiers? I mean the jaws, the nose, the lips THE ASS. And I know someone is going to say something smart about ‘they’re aren’t trying to look black’.

    The message I get from society and media is you’ll get more representation as a black woman if you are not one.

  76. black girl
    Posted August 10, 2013 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    I am so surprised that in 2013 we as a society are still dealing with this bullshit. When will people ( white people mostly) get that we are all equal. I dont see any beauty in white people that blacks dont have nor beauty in blacks that whites don’t
    Why the fuck can’t we a’ll just get past the mother fucking stereotypes. Half the stuff I’ve been reading was stereotypical bullshit that isn’t even true for most. People.
    For example me, I’ m dark skinned black with braids, tall and skinny( thats actually the natural stature of black women but with all the nasty shit in the American diet…)
    Anyways, I’ve dated white, Hispanic, Arabic and Asian dudes and enjoyed them all. I think they must have too. The white one lasted me three years. I’m also studying architecture at Waterloo.
    So, fuck all of you who think race actually matters. Thats so 100 years ago. Your loss. Plenty of sexy, single, educated people out there bit you choose to stay to yourselves cause of a mm thick layer of fucking skin and some extra melanin for God’s sake. Get a life.

  77. oh dear
    Posted August 13, 2013 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Wow! Many of these comments make me sad. I don’t understand why women who have a deeper shade of skin have to submit to ridicule and prejudgment.

    First of all, I’ve met a great many more loud, obnoxious white women than black women – or Asian or Middle Eastern or Hispanic, for that matter. I’ve seen white women with more makeup than manners, with poor attitudes and ignorance for days – certainly more than black women.

    Black women, ugly? Monkeys? uncivilized? Uneducated? I don’t understand. I’m six foot, bone thin. Long legs, soft curves and soft hair. People constantly tell me I should model. My family shares similar features. I’ve seen just as many obese white, hispanic, Asian and middle eastern women. It’s America. Half the population is obese.

    Doesn’t matter that I get good grades. Doesn’t matter that I’m mild-mannered and kind, not if the majority of the population thinks black women are monkeys.

    I am a black woman, therefore I am an animal.
    Wrong. You’re wrong.

    Yeah, looking at you Random black guy. Dear, you’re black. I’m sure you’ve got plump lips, a button noise, and skin like the nighttime sky. You look just like your female counterparts – your mother, sister, aunts, cousins. Please, do go and inform them of their beastly features, their savagery and their disdain for others – especially white men. Let your sister know she will never be loved because of “men” like her brother.

    Not all black women are loud. If she is, that’s due to upbringing, not the color of her skin or the curve of
    her nose. Anyone can be ghetto. Being ghetto is a product of nurture, not nature. There is no “black ghetto woman” gene. Sorry to disappoint.

    Not all black women are mean. Again, if they are, blame the home environment. If she is defensive or insecure, blame society for telling her that she is undesirable because she is black. (Oh, no – wait. Only white girls can blame society for favoring one body type over another. If a black woman speaks up, she’s being a lazy, bitchy, complaining, Mean, cynical monkey. Of course.)

    Not all black women are fat. It is not of our genes to be fat, or at least it wasn’t. We were fed the fatty, unhealthy leftovers of our massahs and ma’ams. We had no choice. It’s hard to break tradition, but we’re trying.

    Not all black women are lazy. They work. They exercise. They garden. They do yoga. They enjoy being active (I know. Shocking.). If they are lazy, they’re like me. some people like being curled up in bed and prefer movies to running. That’s okay. Different strokes for folks.

    Not all black women are stupid. They’re not. They can be ignorant – but what do you expect? You won’t hire us for respectable jobs, so we take what’s left over – and what’s left over isn’t all that great. We make less, so we live in poorer communities. Poorer communities mean less qualified schools, which means a shittier education. Sorry for living in poverty and making life harder for you because of it.
    Because it’s always about you.

    You know something? If you tell a child she’s ugly, dumb, undesirable, and annoying, she’s going to grow up to be bitter and resentful of those around her. She’ll be insecure, so she’ll wear weaves because her hair isn’t long enough. She’ll wear too much makeup to hide the flaws on her face. She be loud, because she never received as much attention as her sisters did.

  78. sawitcoming
    Posted August 13, 2013 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    This propaganda is funny to me. Black women are ugly unless they are “mixed” appearing? Please. Their features are too thick to be pretty? Please. There are plenty of Asian and Mixed-race Hispanics walking about with the exact. same. features.

    Our bodies are shaped funny? You mean having a curvaceous behind, hips and boobs for a woman is “shaped funny?” C’mon.

    Black women are just as attractive as any race of woman on the planet and white women do not have the corner on beauty. In fact, let’s talk about the media. Most of the actresses put forth as the quintessential “pretty” white woman aren’t even that cute at all. Have you seen the women without make-up?

    Meanwhile, check out the black women without makeup or with. Case closed. These white men talking about black women look like apes, gorillas, etc., just stop. Your ancestors sure didn’t think so; they were sneaking down to the slave quarters to get all the dark loving they could.

    Trust me that none of these extollers of white and other non-black beauties would kick women like Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Angela Bassett, or Lauren Hill out of bed for eating crackers, just to name a few of the gorgeous, darker non-mixed race African American women.

    Even the “white washed” AA women white people find attractive, e.g., don’t look like chocolate dipped white women in anyway. It’s obvious that Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams and Rhianna are black. Rhianna and Tyra especially have strikingly West African looking features, wide noses and lips. So what gives?

    I’ll tell you what does: the dismissal of black beauty by the white establishment is pure and simple racism. Trust that when I tell you some of these white men may be racist, but their d*cks are not.

  79. Posted August 14, 2013 at 3:37 am | Permalink

    This is a sad subject, that points out how unfair life sometimes is. Unfair in that fair women have always been the ideal. It seems to be more about evolutionary preference than some socialized ideal, although the latter component does have a big effect. White women in particular are desired by many from other races and it seems the darker that race, or individual from it, the more displeasure it seems to cause others. There are some comments here that I don’t like to agree with, but as they are born out by statistics, as well as just looking around at people I do agree. Many black men go after white women. Males are obviously more aggressive in many things including finding a sexual partner. Statistics reveal that white women who marry black men are twice as likely to be divorced then if they were to marry a white. I am referring to the stat, not the reason for it. Usually a black father/ white mother will produce a child who looks a lot more black then white. This creates another conundrum. Since white features – blonde or red hair, blue or green eyes, are not present in the offspring, if one goes by the criteria discussed here, that individual may be less desired as a partner.
    It is unfortunate that many black women, who seem to want black men are left without a serious partner. Nature is cruel, but it’s also ironic. Black women are beautiful in many ways. They often have fantastic figures, but many people don’t like their hair. And they are not fair…. skinned that is. Life like love is so often unfair.

  80. Pooja
    Posted August 15, 2013 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi all,

    I am an Indian woman presently working in a west african country. I see a lot of pretty, well endowed and sexy african women around all the time. They have the best boobs, bums and voluptous bodies. But I think I know why the men around the world dont like them. Even their own men prefer white women more. Its because of their attitude towards everyone around them, esp women. Their dislike and jealousy for other women esp the white and indian women are very obvious and very annoying.

    It has to do with their men also. Their men love all women and are not faithful to them. Because of this the women here are insecure and most of the time they wear skimpy and tight clothes to attract men. They are extremely jealous of women with long hair and fair skin. They are rude and mean for no reason. They sleep with their masters and constantly in the look out for men. They are lazy and dont work. They dislike their employers because they make them work. They spend all their money on their hair (what hair?) and other make up.

    I work in a college where I meet young men and women everyday. The girls dont like when I talk to their men and due to this the women are always rude and mean to me. They always keep complaining and sometimes restrict their bfs to talk to me. It is because of their rude and mean nature that others hate them. Even when there is no reason to be jealous, they are. They keep fighting and back biting their own kind.

    One of the afro lecturers told me one day that he doesnt want to marry any one of them and he begged me to take him with me to India where he can meet a shy and beautiful indian girl.

    There are beautiful and ugly women in every race but not so rude and mean women. When I read others’ comments here I realise that I am not alone in experiencing their shitty attitude. So I will go so far to say that men dont prefer black women, only because of their attitude and not because of how they look because they look fine.

  81. Anna
    Posted August 16, 2013 at 11:33 am | Permalink

    Some of these comments have been the most racist, crude, vile comments I have ever seen in my life. How could people be so sick and evil? That was an evil study that Japanese man did all for the purpose to put Black women down and to humiliate them in front of the rest of the world. All I know is God did not make no mistakes and even though people put you down and call you ugly, you are precious in God’s sight and the Bible says to not be caught up in outer beauty which is passing away but strive for holiness and fruits of the spirit (1 Peter 3:3-4)

    So don’t let this evil, sick study or evil racist, sick people put you down. Because this all apart of Satan’s plan you see, he LOVES to put people down and he installs pride into others and thats all it is PRIDE.

    But, for those who wrote these evil, racist comments towards Black women, please watch what you say because words are strong and they do hurt and plus, you will be held accountable for every word spoken out of your mouth on Judgement Day because Jesus said by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemed. (Matt 12:36)

    But to Black women, don’t let this “study” get to you. This study was just done by Satan himself in order to put you down and make you feel bad about yourself but don’t let that get to you. Trust in the Lord and He will send you a man who will find you the most beautiful woman in the world(NOT just for looks either) and who will worship the ground you walk on. I don’t care what society says because NOTHING is too hard for the Lord and He WILL make a way

  82. dan
    Posted August 19, 2013 at 1:46 am | Permalink

    i prefer not to look to history to determine who is or who is not attractive, although, I recognize that some people are easily manipulated that way through society so that part is very real and quite obvious.

    the most honest answer to this is found in nature and it doesn’t have anything to do with race, it’s called golden ratio. regardless of race, some people have it and some do not. it’s actually very natural for people to tell who is ugly and who is not. social cards come into play after that.

  83. Senny
    Posted September 11, 2013 at 2:21 am | Permalink

    This isn’t fair at all….who ever has a problem with ur colour or what so ever should ask God why he made u the way u re ok!

  84. Marilyn D
    Posted September 26, 2013 at 9:04 am | Permalink

    I have read all the comments before mine and I just want to say that physical attraction to the opposite sex is a basic, primal and human instinct.Because human beings are ‘social’,capable of ‘higher thought’ (qualities that other animals don’t have) societal influences caan to an extent govern who you consider attractive.However, a man who thinks you are beautiful would believe so no matter what..I was greeted by two good looking Asian men as I was passing by that looked at me as if I was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.I have been approached by men of different races.What makes you appealing to anyone is more than just the way you look.People with low self esteem are the ones who put themselves and others down, JUST BE YOURSELF.You don’t need someonelses approval before you can feel beautiful.You just dont.I am 27 yr old Nigerian female who was brought up to treat everyone with respect.If a nice white guy found m,e attractive and wanted a serious relationship, why should I not respond? God has blessed our world with VARIETY regardless of what shape, race or skin hue you have so pls don’t deprive yourself for any body’s sake.

  85. Observer
    Posted November 4, 2013 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I’m neither white nor Black. Thanks for the above comments. They have been most amusing 😛

  86. mn
    Posted November 12, 2013 at 4:34 am | Permalink

    Wow… i find it shocking that someone thinks that white men are attractive to all races… i’m an attractive African women and men of all races hit on me. I do not have bias based on race. Infact my friends that have dated white guys have been treated well and ended up getting married, i have only dated black men… all educated but it never seems to work out, i wanna date a white man because i think they treat their women better but every time i go on a date with one, there is just no physical attraction, it has nothing to do with personality… i’m just attracted to dark skin and lips… i always wonder how you kiss a white guy… there are no lips!

  87. Lindsay
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

    I personally feel that African American women are extremely gorgeous and I find it rather narrow-minded of people to claim that African American women are only beautiful if they have “white features.” Small noses, petite bodies, delicate facial features – these are all features that can be found in individuals who are fully African American as well. African Americans have diverse features. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to see that and tend to say that they all “look the same.” This simply isn’t true as I have seen African Americans who come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and looks. Both the men and women are truly beautiful.

  88. label
    Posted March 28, 2014 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    I wouldn’t be surprised that most of the pple who wrote hateful stuff about black women are themselves very unattractive in and out. Sm an African chic, high cheekbones..chocolate smooth skin which I adore..tall and curvy…my smile is sexy and wow don’t white guys hit on me…its amazing…am not into African American men no ways!..most African women er not into them. White pple’s skin smells bad and ages horribly. I like white guys though. Guess what I noticed 90% of Black Women are repulsed by the thought of dating white guys. Only African women date them. There is a lot of ghetto whites….I believe most of yu haters were plantation owners. Afro American women are beautiful wow..at times attitude yep. Most African men find it repulsive to date a white woman. They will experiment and leave. All women are beautiful in their ways. GOD is a wonderful creator. Seriously African American women dnt like white guys coz they say their skin stinks..only 10% or less eill date then. Afr America n men dnt insult yo mothers seed …..African men er proud of their queens even though some of us date white guys

  89. Posted May 5, 2014 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    I’m an Indian guy and some of the most attractive women I’ve seen are Indian & Pakistani women. I also find white and east Asian women attractive. The women I find least attractive are black women. Am I racist? Absolutely not. I think it’s just a matter of personal taste.

    For example, I like Pepsi better than Sprite. Even if the media portrays Pepsi as being the worst drink out there, I’ll still drink Pepsi.

    I think most men just don’t find black women attractive, and the media has nothing to do with it. Again, it’s just a matter of personal preference and nothing to do with being racist or media brainwashing.

    Why don’t I find black women attractive? Why don’t I like Sprite? Honestly, I don’t know.

  90. bobwerner@hotmail.co
    Posted June 6, 2014 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    Its pretty simple really. In general, black women are vastly overweight (I’m not talking about the 4% who are not), they have kinky hair, their skin color is — well its freaking black!

    They look pretty good when they are slender teens, if you can find one. Mostly, they all have sprinter’s ass.

    The exception is they look pretty good when they are sucking my peepee or taking it up the poop shoot from behind.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that 95% of them barely speak English, are stupid as a box of rocks and have outrageously bad personalities.

    And that is why black women are unattractive except for the 4% who are.

    So mathematically there are around 20 million black women in the US. 25% of them are in the 16-25 year attractiveness gap. And 4% of them are decent looking. That is a mere 4,000 decent looking black women per state.

    To be honest I haven’t seen one in person in over 4 years. She was hot at 16 and fat by 18!

    By contrast there are some 125,000 hot white women per state. I usually see anywhere from 1 to 10 of those on an average day.

    The odds of finding and dating an unattached hot looking girl of any race for a man over 25 are less than 1 out 500.

    So we are really talking about “who gives a shit dude, you’re never getting any decent pussy the rest of your life anyway, so keep whacking to your internet porn”

  91. ashley
    Posted June 14, 2014 at 1:44 am | Permalink

    My husband asked a black friend why he prefers white women over black (my husband and i are both white and we have only been with each other). His black friend’s response was, “It’s the same difference as chicken and shrimp.”

  92. Posted June 19, 2014 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    I had just read all these comments and i feel hurt of how many people would say things like that about black women. I am a well educated ,kind,15 year old light brown skinned black girl ,and to be honest, i don’t fit any of the categories about black women. I’m very shy and have a high pitched chipmunk voice ,but i still talk a little, I’m more of a nerd and i love watching anime and cute girly shows like My Little Pony :Friendship is Magic and littlest pet shop.i don’t have a ghetto accent, i don’t listen to hip-hop, because I’m sensitive and can stand hearing the cuss word and nasty thuggish talking i hear in most hip-hop songs. I listen to pop,kpop,rock,country,nightcore, and sometimes alternative music,and i really love artist who sing uplifting songs like “Owl City”.im 5’9 and weigh 120 lbs so I’m not even close to fat ,but im very concerned about my weight and health so there’s no way i’ll get fat when i get older.i know so much about healthy foods and the benefits they do for the body, that i might just start being a health teacher instead of a veterinarian or artist. I’m beautiful and have no masculine features nor do any black women. I get approached by many men , even the black guys who tend to perfer white girls at my school like me.a lot of people ask me if im part asian or white because of my big almond shaped eyes, high cheek bones,and real long natural hair ,which stops at my back .when people ask me those questions i say NO other than my great great grandfather being white ,and besides, where all mixed with something . So i guess that explains my long hair (Not to mention, i LOVE OH LOVE salmon which is one of the best and recommend foods for hair growth).Haha,it’s also my last name ????.Anyways, i don’t believe black women are ugly, Anyone can be ugly even white women. I typed all this information about me because i wanted people like you to no that not all black women are mean, nasty, ghetto, loud, obese, jealous, and all the things people say about blacks girls and women.you probably need to get out more because here in GA and all over the world black women are nice, beautiful, and a bit of a nerdy girl like me. And yes there are some mean black girls out there just like in all races women . I was even bullied by a bunch of black girls in high school and called weird by acting who i am now, bullied by black guys who thought i was cute ,but to shy with a mousy higher pitched voice, and in elementary by both black and white girls who thought i was mean cause i would make jokes about others just to have fun.but do i assume that All black, white, asian, and etc. girls are ugly? No. One day ,when we all get to heaven, we’ll all just sit back at this and laugh at the silly questions we asked on earth, like this.just keep calm and ignore everyone that has a negative heart. This world is like an egg that will die if it stays cold ,but will live if it stays warm and then hatch into something beautiful. In other words, if people say something about your race and gender, and you believe and meditate on it ,then your like an egg that’s getting cold and suffering, but if you don’t believe and meditate on the negativity and know that your a beautiful creation, then you’ll be like a warm egg that will soon come out as something more amazing.just like when people die they’ll receive beautiful things from God and become something beautiful.So now the question on “Ask the Harvard MBA is “Why are black women so attractive. ????

  93. john cena
    Posted July 19, 2014 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    Beauty does like in the eye of the beholder. Some men consider large hips ugly while others don’t. However, I suspect that most males will agree on certain traits that can be considered attractive and some not. Such traits can be nice and slim nose, straight hair or less curly, slim lips of same color, proportionate body.

    There is nothing racist about not having black women as a top choice in dating for a lot of men. Many black women are not considered good looking by the average male because of the following features – big broad nose, gap in front teeth/incisors, fat lips one of which is pink and the other black, extremely curly hair (minor perhaps). Many of them are fat and out of shape, but that could be solved if they had more income, better diet and exercise.

    One might argue that there are black women who don’t really have all the features I just mentioned, such as Halle Berry. In such cases, one must check their true ancestry. Halle has caucasian ancestry. So, no surprises there. Then there is Tyra banks whose ancestry I have
    no clue about.

    As regards the Ghetto accent, not everybody has it and it can be ended by proper schooling.

    The best way to truly determine the attractiveness would be by doing extensive and unbiased surveys.

  94. guest
    Posted July 23, 2014 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    The way you look is the first draw; but the way you act seals the deal. I have met physically beautiful people who became unattractive once they opened their mouths. I have met unattractive people who became irresistible once I got to know them. If you want to be attractive, get an education, speak well, behave with decorum, and be nice to people! Everyone has different tastes. This isn’t something that can be politically manipulated. You can’t criticize someone for being attracted to a certain race any more than you can criticize them for preferring strawberries over blueberries! And you can’t force people to be attracted to someone just to fit some utopian agenda. No matter what you look like, there is someone who will find you physically attractive. Be attractive on the inside and the rest will be history.

  95. mike
    Posted July 25, 2014 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    Its not the media or white oppression its a lot more simple than that. Men chose partners visually and light skin, fine features are more attractive to most (not all) men. Its not racist but I do see that it might hurt some peoples ego and that’s the real issue here. My advise would be to accept the facts and move on!! Life’s to short.

  96. choco
    Posted July 31, 2014 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    I’ve read all of the comments here. I am a dark skinned black woman, wide nose, I don’t have thick lips, I have small lips, I have beautiful flawless skin, I am 51 with no wrinkles, and do not need to wear make-up. I am not fat, I have a very nice shape. It is not right for people to pass judgement on others because of skin color, hair, and how they look. God made all of us in his eyesight, so to me everyone is beautiful. For all of the non-colored men and women who seem to think black women are so horrific looking, why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror. I am pretty sure there are things about you that others would not like. How would you feel if someone told you they didn’t like you because of how you looked. The black men on here who talks about black women, you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe your Mother is black, and also your Father, and if you have siblings. Being a black woman, I could care less about what any race thought of me, if you do not love yourself, then no one else can do it for you. It shouldn’t matter if a man doesn’t like your skin color, how you smell, what your body look like, because believe me sisters, there is a man out there that loves you for who you are. It’s really funny though, the men that think they have the prize trophies in the world, end up with the most cold women. I will say this for any race of women, there is someone for everyone. Do not worry about racist people, they are stupid. Just read what they say and listen to them, ignorance, they will never learn until it’s to late. God bless all, because you are going to need the blessing.

  97. Posted August 8, 2014 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    I don’t get all the hate here. If you’re attracted most to Asian, white or black women, fine. Why people feel tbe need to insult people I don’t understand. I think all races have beautiful women and some that are not. DoI have a preference? Yes. Do I need to insult others? No. I’ve seen women of all races that I’d love to have sex with.

  98. Blargh
    Posted August 8, 2014 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

    Believe me it’s got nothing to do with racism. You look ugly to me, I won’t be attracted to you. 90% of the black women I pass by every day are unattractive to me. To be honest unattractive isn’t the right word, the right word is “ugly”, and “ugly as fuck” is the right term.

    It’s so weird that I’m attracted to caucasians, asians, and europeans isn’t it? NO, not weird at all. If you’re a person that thinks that the majority of black people are actually sexy or beautiful, you’ve got a real big problem with your brain.

    Big, bumpy, lumpy, and scarred asses that need an ass-lift? Have you ever truly looked at a black woman’s ass from behind and seen how their legs hump out of their asses? Too fucking masculine for me. Ugly faces? Big nasty fucking feet? Nasty ass weird wire-looking hair, that beads in either drips of sweat or is absolutely doused in hair gel? Non-smiling faces? Saggy ass weird looking tits? You like that shit? You’ve got a real big fucking problem if you like that shit.

    Now, there are some that are fuckable. I can’t remember one though. The black men actually look like men. Like, there are some cool looking black men out there. Like 90% of black men I pass every day look good.
    No wonder you see white women with black men everywhere, and you almost never see white men with black women.

    I think that black women are being phased out, because they are ugly as sin. I just gave you all the evidence needed. Look for yourself.

  99. Namja
    Posted August 17, 2014 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    @sully – every single asian women you know are married to white men? What nationality are they? Are they indians, arabs, southern asians, Pacific islanders or east asians (orientals)? The interracial marriages among “asians” are high in your country since U.S government is responsible for mudding up everybody as one category. You are either lying or just clueless little white sap who thinks everyone with black hair & almond eyes are asian.

  100. P.O
    Posted August 22, 2014 at 1:28 am | Permalink

    Wow so many racist comments here. First every race has beautiful women. I am white man who grew up in an all white neighborhood and the grade school and highschool I attended was %98 white. So I was always around all things white. Often times my parents, brothers and other family members would spew their stetotypical trash comments about black people. I grew up somewhat racist towards black peopke , BUT as I got to my early twenties I started to have a huge attraction to black women. Right now I only date black women and dream of the day I can have a black wife and family together. By the way I love black features. I love the hair. So many styles that no other race could ever dream of doing. I love stroking my hands through soft black hair. Black features are extremely attractive to me, much more than any other race.
    The problem I see is racism is so out of control that black and whites are taught many stereotypes. Black women are often taught to avoid white men because we will use you for sex and get you pregnant and leave you, or we will never love you and that we can’t understand “black” culture so we will be ignorant. Then whites are taught a black women will get pregnant and use you for child-support. Or that your status in life will go down. My experience has been rejection from numerous black women when I ask them out. May add I am not ugly, nor am I a model but I am good looking enough to attract a women. I have got responses like I didn’t think a white man could like me so i didn’t try. Many of my black relationships were ruined by this mantra when I clearly cared and some cases loved these women. Not despite these seemingly negative scenarios those past ladies weren’t meant for me. None the less it hasn’t stopped me from wanting a black woman to marry. I love black women and African women and I always will. There is someone for everyone. That includes anyone on here and me. I just choose to want a black wife, this is what I find attractive. By the way i visited Africa not to long
    ago and i must say hands down women from Africa are the most beautiful women in the world. Every where I looked I saw a gorgeous, beautiful, super sexy black women. I will stop because I can’t stop praising the beauty and intelligence of black women. Black ladies keep your head up not every white guy is unattracted towards you. Simevwhite men like me nor only prefer black but only date black. I love black women and I don’t care who knows. Don’t care what others think.

  101. elisha
    Posted August 28, 2014 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    Am a 30 years old nigerian young man, I need an advance lady for a serious relationship either white or black, I won’t a serious person, +2348133753118 search me on facebook elisha keyepolom okom

  102. Mamo
    Posted September 6, 2014 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    Touchy subject…

    Black man here, married to a lovely Japanese lady. Our son is already assembling a harem at a very young age, the women and girls are star-struck by him, and its amusing to watch. He’ll have his pick of women when he grows up, but before then we’ll have to have a serious convo about being kind to the ladies.

    Now my soul sistas are varied in complexion, body types, personality and outlook. Perhaps its because I’m Afro ‘Murican and I’ve dated quite a few ladies of various races and skin tones, but no other woman comes close to the soft lips, the curvy bodies, the silky smooth touch of the skin and the strength that black women have.

    Not to down women of other persuasions, because every woman and tribe on this earth has special qualities and attributes that should be respected and appreciated. What happens sometimes is that folks believe their special gift from the Good Lord is somehow ‘superior’ than everyone else’s, and that’s where trouble starts and disharmony sets in.

    With that said, life situations took me down a path where I married a gal from Japan, who is uber traditional. She cooks, she cleans, she is devoted our child, she is well spoken, is skilled in traditional womanly arts, and makes double damn sure that all of our needs are met. If I were to express it in a single word, I would say she is Devoted.

    For me, and what I was looking for in marriage material, I couldn’t say no, and our walk down the Aisle was a done deal.

    Unfortunately, I could never seriously consider marrying the black women I had dated because I wasn’t mature at the time I was involved and neither were they, or they just didn’t have any understanding of domestic arts and how to cater to a man. It’s not popular to say, but the majority of men want a woman who will take care of business in multiple ways. And because of racism, the breakdown of traditional family values, living the thuglife and so forth, many of the sistas I was with weren’t able to bring anything to the table of substance as far as making a home, being together as a family, and supporting me as I busted ass in college and on the job to get where I am today.

    Don’t misunderstand: I am not saying all black women are terrible, because I know better than that. My cousins, my aunts, my grandelders, many black women that I love and respect. There are many who are hurting and suffering because of the stigma that many place upon them. But in all fairness too, I have to say that most women, in the West in general, white, black or whatever, need to step your game up. Because Japanese, Chinese and Korean women are willing and able to go after the men they want and seal the deal before the guy even knows what happened.

    I’ll close by saying that, besides my wife, the most intensely feminine woman I know is a beautiful dark skinned lady at the office. I find it funny because its clear as day that every man that comes near her is infatuated with her. Married, single, black, white, it makes no difference. She is feminine, she carries herself with feminine pride, she takes care of herself, her voice is pleasing. I’m not a betting man, but even some of the posters who are quick to down black women would change their minds in a hurry in the presence of a truly fine soul sistah. Truly beautiful people create a change of atmosphere by their presence alone. So I would suggest that women, of all races, including the woman who originally wrote into this blog, picture themselves as the Queen of Sheba, doing her thing.


  103. Heinrich Schultzz
    Posted September 11, 2014 at 4:03 am | Permalink

    I have found that some really dark African women from countries other than where slaves originally came from are really beautiful and desirable not as objects of desire but considering the entire person they have an attractiveness all their own. I am quire sure that all other black people may be recognized as having a similar desirability based on the “eye of the beholder.”

    I would not care to marry them but recognize that they have beauty and grace and dignity which is noticeable and attractive in itself.
    Just because white men may not think some black women are attractive does NOT indicate that they are racist. You might label them as such but EVERYONE has prejudices. White, Hispanic, Black Asian or in between all have prejudices. Does that make them racist? Racist is an ugly word. Yes some people ARE racist but just because they have an opinion does not make them automatically belong to a hate group.

    Everyone makes choices based on their upbringing and background and education. IMO just because people may be different does not qualify them to be looked down upon. Beauty can be found everywhere in everyone but fear usually blocks the intention to find it. Would I want to marry a white woman dipped in chocolate? No. But that’s me and I am entitled to my choice just as everyone else is.

    According to Christianity we are not supposed to judge but we do. Perhaps other religions and non-religions preach the same principles. My advice is to self-examine your own prejudice and see what it is based upon. Preferences will always win out whether based upon unfair prejudice or not.

    Nobody is perfect but sometime it is best to keep your prejudice to yourself and try to get along with others. Often we will find beauty in all people including ourselves. Bite your tongue if necessary, Treat all with respect and dignity unless they prove to not deserve that, and try not to get stuck in a “hate mode” and life will be a lot less bumpy.

    And finally, be careful not to comment on “the speck in another person’s eye when you cannot see the log in your own.”

  104. nicholas Johnson
    Posted September 12, 2014 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    well everyone else has left a comment so I figured I would too. I do believe racial stature does play a small role. but I have seen beauty in every race on this planet in every country in every form. and I’m white, blonde hair blue eyes 6’2 and hung if it matters :-) however while we are on the topic. just from personal experience alone in the last year and a half I’ve been hit on over 200 times by black women alone on dating websites… while averaging maybe 15-20 from the other races. that being said 195 of them weighed over 250 to 300 pounds.(granted maybe that’s why they are on a dating website) none the less. I do believe who you’re with represents who you are no different than your friends or unfortunately the family you can’t ever escape. but every single one of the usernames was always princessgrl, bignbeautiful, lilphatmama, etc,etc,etc not to mention every single comment was illiterate, and that is one big thing that is the deciding factor in my book I don’t like anyone that talks ghetto or speaks with lower intelligents. and unfortunately in the black community you don’t have to be a person with low intelligence just to speak ghetto because that’s common in what’s expected, unfortunately its a big turn off when it comes to the real world and growing up. I personally don’t have nothing against gay people. But I can’t stand the ones that have to act super flamboyant and let everyone know from 2 miles away that I’m gay and loving it… can be it’s all about attention… the same way certain people are always the loudest at a movie theater or have to make the biggest stir in commotion or skip you in line or never say thank you for holding open the door. and my major concern is unfortunately I truly believe that black people are the most racist on earth. at the same time I can understand that been through a lot of shit. but it’s over now and the only person that can help your situation is you…unfortunately if you guys keep blaming every damn body else its never going to get better and I believe Bill Cosby said that… and I don’t want to just put down one certain category of people I can’t stand white hillbilly punk funks either… you’re choosing to talk that way you’re acting like that on purpose to fit in with you and your friends and I find it ridiculous regardless of what race or where you’re from, be yourself. however I’m straying from the subject. I agree that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find any woman that I believe stands out as beautiful, and that’s mainly because of the crap they’re shoving down are throats. ultimately leading to a society thats 80% obese…biggest turn off right there. however strong features, thick hair around the body, the need to keep it ghetto instead of acting like the rest of society. and my biggest pet peeve the rudeness is almost unspeakable as the accusations I’ve seen above. and there’s nothing sexier than smooth skin. and because of the last three thousand years of development you guys don’t have it. obviously you’ve been out in the Sun for a long time in evolution. and I don’t like white girls that are orange because they sit in the Sun so damn much their skin turns to leather, it’s like trying to have sex with an iguana. however like I started this comment I still think that there’s beautiful people of all race… however I do agree it is a lot harder to find a beautiful natural all black woman that’s dedicated to bettering yourself and those around her, educated, well spoken, physically fit, and comes from a good family, and isn’t racist who only dates within the ethnicity. I know damn well when I brought a black girl home I almost got kicked out of my damn house… not because my family is racist but because they’re so religiously scared of the repercussions of what it would mean in the community…for what the children might look like or be treated and picked on their entire life…some people got big lips, big hips, along with a big Shnoz, and hair that unfortunately looks like pubic hair… you’re never going to see them in a Miss America pageant…

  105. Jay
    Posted September 19, 2014 at 5:01 am | Permalink

    Wow at all the comments. I am an African-American man. I am utterly dissappointed in some of the things I have read. First off for all of you who think that Asian, or Hispanic or any other race outside of white looks better than Any woman having African origins is laughable. Why? Because all of which with the exception of white have African DNA. Wide noses fuller lips on Asians? African DNA. The curves on Hispanic women. African DNA. The facial features on Native American and Middle Eastern Indians? African DNA. In all actuality we are the only race that can produce white (albino) to the darkest skinned people. White people carry genes that are recessive. Hence why mixed children still look black. The irony is the fact that the race that looks at other races as inferior will soon be extinct one day. In short you all can stop calling the mother of your ancestors ugly. Someone thought she was cute enough to breed with.

  106. 40 DD Babe
    Posted September 21, 2014 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    I am not surprised or astonished by the ugly comments written on this page. At the end of the day I don’t need anyone’s approval but myself and the god of my understanding. Ugly is an equal opportunity and so is stupidity. If white women are so beautiful then why do most not come outside without makeup. If beauty is Caucasian only then why do you tan and so on. In other words people of any kind can be ugly, fat, ignorant. I don’t care what man does not like me or woman of any race I am concerned with and only with the ones that do. You don’t like blacks don’t date blacks and so on. Hate to is an equal opportunity. Love yourself and God and the hell with the ignorance. I believe beauty is beauty all white women are not pretty, skinny, intelligent or attractive in general and all black women are not ghetto, fat and wear weaves. It’s easy to put people down to make yourself feel better. Beauty is not a color and neither is ugly. People are people and the sooner we see that the better off we will be. I love people and see beauty in all colors, shapes and sizes…. Not angry you can say my dark skin is ugly my size is to big. But at the same time you tan and crave a bigger behind now if that is not a contradiction I don’t know what is. Signed not surprised just reminded.

  107. TruthTeller
    Posted September 22, 2014 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I’m a black woman. I do not care what pink people think about me. Black women please stop falling for this anti-black woman propaganda.

    The truth is you were the first woman here and you will be the last. The sun is vital to sustain life. Why does sun wreak havoc on white people? Let’s think about that for a minute.
    No matter what garbage these pink beings spew. You have something they don’t have, MELANIN. You belong here, they don’t. Your genes are dominant. You have the power in your womb to wipe them out.

    If I were white I’d hate you too. They spend way to much time and effort with pseudo scientific studies about how ugly we are. How ugly and bad dark skin is. Trying convince everyone to stay away from us.

    If brown skin is so bad, why tan? What’s wrong with pale white skin? It looks sickly, but the thing is they can’t tolerate sun because it wasn’t meant for them.

    My friend is white. We are both the same age late 40’s. Why does she look like crap? Wrinkles, saggy skin, sun spots. She looks like a big bag of old sneakers. I have no wrinkles, no bags. I have smooth, dark, sun kissed, healthy, tight skin. I have seen plenty of black women who look really young well into their 50’s. Not so much for everyone else.

    Why do you think anti aging products are not marketed to black women?

    I find some of these comments laughable, because I know the truth. Insecure people say the most ridiulous things. They repeat the same old tired rhetoric they heard someone else say. You really can’t fix stupid.

    Black women hold your head up, walk tall like the queens you are. They are envious of your confidence and beauty. The fact that suicide is the lowest among black women speaks volumes about our strength and character and our ability to persevere.

    Then they use negative, untrue stereotypes to justify their hate and hide their envy. They always have and always will hate you for just being.

  108. Akua
    Posted September 24, 2014 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    I’m a black woman. And I don’t find white men attractive at all. And most (if not all) of the black women I know don’t find white men attractive as well.
    Then again, I live in Africa where there are millions of wealthy powerful black men. So that plays a role.
    But, white men just aren’t physically attractive to us.
    So if they don’t find us attractive, that’s cool. We’re not hoping to attract them at all.

  109. Posted September 25, 2014 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    I read most of the comments re; why Black women are considered unattractive…if you know your history, then surely you are familiar with “Adolf Hitler” who wanted a PURE WHITE ONLY RACE consisting of “blond hair- blue/green eyes”. We know that AD had dark features, hair/eyes (AD’s mother was Jewish), this individual had SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEMS, mainly due to an incestious family history, including mating with very young girls. Frankly speaking, he hated himself because he was not of “A PURE RACE ” blond hair blue/green eyes. I say to Black men and Black women (now that we know where this beauty standards came from)… STOP ALLOWING A MONSTER like “AD” to dictate what beauty is (other races too). In closing, know your history and know it WELL, we will all understand the meaning of PURE EVIL!.

  110. blackbeauty
    Posted October 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm | Permalink

    what are you black women worrying about. White women are only good for the first 25 years. After that they are all wrinkled an tucky, with sagging breast and drop down butts that brush the back of their knees as they walk. They inferior physical structures have single handedly supported the plastic surgery industry.. and lol, they are all trying to get the big lifted butt, the full lips, the full lifted cheekbones of whom…oh the black women. white women got looks.. black women got longevity. By the way your eyes are always to close set and your faces too narrow, makes your large noses look like a random mountain drop in the middle of a plain savanah, you noses always look out of place on your faces, maybe you should get them flatten a little bit. oh and your hair is too thin aqnd stranny, you are not as attractive as you think.

  111. blackbeauty
    Posted October 5, 2014 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    Maybe my earlier response was too emotional. However, it is true that outside of over makeup movie stars white men and women are not really attractive. When I was younger I only saw them on television living the good life. Always enough food, clothes and beautiful houses, so I wished that I was like them because I was poor and all the black people on television were maids or yard hands, uneducated and laughing too loud and doing a weird action, which said inferior when in the presences of white people. I grew up in a 99% black country so I didn’t understand it. I had no ill feelings towards whites because I didn’t know my history so they were all lovely tourist. At the age of twelve I learned my black history, and why black people were poor and white people were rich, so i no longer wanted to be like them. I was angry them, but I have moved pass my anger. I also learned about the black kings and queens who fought the colonalist in Africa, so I know that my history doesn’t begin as a slave, so I am no longer in awe of the rich white man. Now I want to know how to become a rich black people, so I am not concerned with they skin colour, now I want black men to stop being thugs and become entrpreneurs and gain financial wealth, my concern is the elevation of my race. Having realized these things I also realized that all white people are not rich and living in luxury; the way most minority races that longed to be white or married a white person has always assumed, the odds are that if you marry a random white man..he will be poor or just hanging on to a middle class life…the television lied, all white men are not Brad Pitt…you may end up with a dirt farm redneck man or woman… so I don’t need to feel inferior when comparing myself to white people, because the few white who got wealthy from slavery really didn’t share the wealth with most of the other white people, so dispite they primping and posing, they are just as poor as the rest of the world with maybe an extra biscuit more than us minorities. Thanks to my mother who always told me that I was the most beautiful baby ever born and that I was black from my curly head of hair to the bottom of my feet, which was also black, I have never had a problem understanding that I was beautiful, however, coming to a realization of my history and the truth about black people existence in society, I have come to understand that white people are not as physically or financially attractive as I had believed, and all those actors that I used to swoon for are not as attractive as television made them out to be. I now work with hundreds of white people ever day and to be honest, they really look strange but the men are way more polite than the women. When black men finally learn that they do not need to imitate white men to be successful, wear their fashion labels and watches. drive their model cars and have their blonde and blue eyed women to be considered successful, then all our men who achieve success will not needed to choose a white women, they message to blackwomen and the world would not always be… you are not good enough once I become successful.. why should a successful white man want a blackwomen when every successful black man rejects a blackwoman. When blackmen understand that their history did not start as a slave, but rather in the ancient African dynasties, then African men can accept themselves as men, not needing the whiteman image; and then accept their blackwomen, and we blackwomen can finally live as the Empresses that we are.

  112. JoeSielski
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 5:20 pm | Permalink

    I like black and I am white

  113. Anita
    Posted October 25, 2014 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    I have read all the comments here and it’s sad.
    I am an African woman, with all the African features, well educated, proper English, no ghetto attitude and strikingly beautiful. I don’t need a white person to approve that I’m beautiful. What’s funny is that being fully African with a chocolate skin, kinky hair, curvy body (I actually weigh 51kg, so I ain’t fat!), my wide lips which are very kissable, my wide nose (good thing it ain’t sharp) I get attention from men of ALL races and of all ranks. I actually can attract ANYONE. Beauty is how you view it. There’s no marking scheme for beauty and I believe with my melanin and brown eyes, I’m beautiful. So sisters, you don’t have to get approval to feel beautiful.

  114. Canadian White Dude
    Posted October 25, 2014 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    By the way, OkCupid has very, very large European and Canadian userbases, the data they release also include those markets. In fact, they release more data about the rest of the world than, anywhere else.

  115. Canadian White Dude
    Posted October 25, 2014 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    — *** For moderator *** —
    My previous comment was meant more as an erratum than a quip, we all make these mistakes.

  116. Alejandro Maqueda
    Posted October 26, 2014 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    I am reading all these comments when I was younger I use to think mexican girls where the hottest in the planet, now that I am older if you have an attractive body and are semi cute black, white, asian etc I don’t care about race…maybe I am picky but some black girls turn me on but I think that around %99 only like black so that’s the reason I won’t hit on one maybe cause of fear of rejection and besides I never ever see one ever giving me a hint maybe im just ugly lol…peace people.

  117. Posted October 29, 2014 at 12:01 am | Permalink

    I like most people have an opinion. If, yours just happens to differ from mine, then that’s okay! I may ruffle some feathers here, but I have to concur that the overwhelming majority of black women…well particularly those that reside here in the US, are in reality simply “unattractive”! I mean…..just look at them! And, be honest! The core issue that black women really need to both address, and focus on is why they’re so immersed in attempting to “clone” themselves (which clearly shows their continuing failed effort) in the image of white women? That, speaks volumes as to really where their minds really are! If you don’t agree then please tell me why black women are, and continue to be, and still to this very day remain as the “last” on the lists of men of all races on the planet, for marriage? It’s also crystal clear that even black men aren’t marrying them either! They have extremely limited options, thus many opt out instead to have yet another “out of wedlock” baby, because no one is interested in making a commitment to them. I have other issues that highlight my personal unacceptability with black women, however I won’t go into that in detail, simply because my intention is not to come here, and post negative commentary. Black women can adorn all the fake hair (that only makes them look even more foolish…if that’s possible) or wear colored contacts that further contribute to their obvious foolishness, and their deeply embedded self denial coupled with internalized self hatred. In, closing just because most men “shun” black women that doesn’t mean that they’re racist. It, instead means that they’ve selected their personal preference…that’s all.

  118. J Dogg
    Posted October 31, 2014 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    I don’t think someone is racist because they prefer a certain race as a partner. It is a personal decision what someone finds attractive in another, whether it be race or other features. I am white man and don’t find black women attractive in general. A white friend of mine prefers black women. So it really depends on the individual. The only black woman I found attractive was my English professor who had a Phd. The attraction was more of an intellectual issue than an appearance one. I don’t find Asian women attractive although many white men obviously do. I like the Hispanic women if they are more on the white side. In terms of white women I like more of the middle complexion. Not the pale Irish or dark Italian, but more like the French or German. Gosh, I sound like a picky SOB typing this. To each their own.

  119. Matt Josh
    Posted November 4, 2014 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

    I couldnt read all the comments, but I read the ones about some black girls complaining that they dont get asked out because the media says they’re not attractive. Well, if you wanna get with a white man or any man so much, why are you waiting for them to ask you out? Why don’t you ask them out? I thought women were fighting for equal rights, you wanna be equal to men, maybe you should start taking the initiative and asking men out.

    I know a lot of dudes don’t find black women attractive, I’m black and when I see a hot woman, I think, she’s hot, I don’t think she’s white or she’s black or Asian or whatever, I just see a sexy woman and I think most guys are like that regardless of their race. So you wanna cry about not being asked out, maybe you should ask someone out.

  120. Angie
    Posted November 7, 2014 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    People are NOT being racist, they are merely stating the FACTS. The fact is Black women have features that most people do not find attractive, such as really big lips, wide noses, fat bodies and bad hair. Of course not all black women have these features but the majority do. After all, these are African features, just like Asians have slanted eyes and Whites have thinner, pointier noses.

    Another major thing is black women are VERY MEAN. And when you tell them this they claim, they are a “strong independent, black woman” and that white women are “docile.” FACT: Men do not LIKE mean, aggressive, angry, defiant, confrontational women.

    I grew up with Black people and the women are some of the meanest ever. Also, they are very uncultured, they don’t know about politics, geography, cultures, languages. I was friends with a Black woman for almost a decade and every time I discussed MY culture and MY language, she was dumbfounded. She never traveled outside of the US and after a decade she still didn’t know what country I was from! Even though I discussed it with her repeatedly!

    There are all types of women in the US, why oh why settle for an angry, unattractive, cultured Black woman?

  121. Rivka
    Posted November 10, 2014 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    White men are ugly for the most part, unless they are Italian, Spanish, Greek or Portuguese. Indian, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Black men have way more going on in the looks department than the average American white guy. Blue eyes are creepy as hell.

  122. no more TV
    Posted November 25, 2014 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    Most of the comments are based on flawed personal opinions…

    To say all black women are loud or ghetto is untrue. Yes, if you watch shows like Maury and Jerry Springer. That’s what you will see, most of them are dumb to see they are being manipulated and exploited for ratings. Loud and obnoxious black people is what the white media portrays all to willingly.

    Most blacks don’t live in the ghetto, they live in suburban areas. So, they do work and participate in society.

    In white homes, the father is the breadwinner, but unfortunately in american society the black woman is the breadwinner. So, black women are good workers, because the black men are usually absent in the home. I know my mother did everything and never was on welfare. But, american society portrays black women as welfare queens…. But, again it is the media.

    Hair, yes some black women wear extensions…But most don’t in 2014, as there is new movement to love the hair you were born with…Instead of the hair being portrayed in the media…as being the right hair…. That pumps the sell of this peruvian hair and other crap. I don’t wear fake hair myself, as it is a waste of income. who in their right mind wants to spend $ 300 for hair, you can wear only 2 weeks at the most. I cut all my hair very short. I had longer hair, my own hair. I am confident in myself and hair doesn’t define me, as a black woman.

    Someone said, something about facial features..
    That is a fallacy as your inter family ancestory determines your features. There are many black people with soft features. I have seen many white people with way larger lips, than I have.

    Body odor, not true…. At least in my life and family everyone is clean and growing up with my mother who was and is on the border of having OCD about cleanliness and organization…I have always lived in a clean home.

    Hairy….I haven’t met any really hairy black people… I never grow much body hair…

    Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder… Most of the people posting haven’t seen all the black people in the world to post that all women have thick noses and lips….
    There are women from eritrea to america who have thin bodies and thin lips.
    Africa is a vast continent and black itself doesn’t define a entire race of people from many tribes in africa to african american with mixed DNA markers.
    I can say, I have traveled outside my country, which is the US and seen many different types of black women from East African, West African, Carribbean, etc.
    I would recommend the posters writing crap responses do the same.

    Black women aren’t all short, some are very tall.

    But, even though I know this all to be true.
    We are considered less attractive, the media is much of the blame…. Every show with a loud mouth, every rap video, every movie with some loud mouth character adds to the world’s Idea of the black woman.

    Until the media changes or maybe black people themselves change a bit. I think people will see us, as unattractive.

    I myself, have had white men write me on dating sites, asking me, if I was part asian… Because my characteristics.

    I think everyone should turn their TVS off. TV equals brainwashing on a 24 hour basis.

  123. interesting
    Posted December 23, 2014 at 8:23 pm | Permalink

    Please please please people don’t listen to these comments, it’s mostly just full of racism and trolls, trying to get a response out of people, pathetic really…

  124. crash
    Posted December 25, 2014 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    Reading these posts has been a laugh. It seems some white guys have been called racist for not liking certain features and alot of black women getting hurt by a perceived lack of respect.
    I will agree with what other white guys here have said, and that is it has less to do with skin colour than it does features.
    For example, take Angelina Jolie and K D Aubert. Both have similar bodies (waist size, leg size, ass size and breast size) and they actually have similar facial features (K D is always talked of as a black Jolie). Now they are both hot, but Jolie is white and K D is black. Do I choose Jolie because she is white and as I am white I must be racist? You know what? I think I would have to go with K D. So the colour of the skin played no part in my decision of beauty. Also take Rhianna. I just love her body. Great ass, boobs etc. But she has a very feminine, typical white body. So when I compare her to a more masculine black women like Serina Williams, I would take Rhianna in a heart beat. Not only that but I would take both Rhianna and K D over bigger white women like Melissa Mcarthy. Again, skin colour played no part, just simple hotness.
    But the reality is that more black women tend to be like the Williams sisters than white chicks do. Rhianna and K D have more white body types, more feminine, more my style.
    For instance I, along with all my white mates, thunk that Kim K has a fat overweight and disgusting ass. Not sexy in the slightest. Shes white. But I still think her body is foul. Not my type.
    But guess what, alot of black men love her body. They think her ass is awesome. They make fun of people like me by saying the women I love dont have an ass, just bones. Thats cool. Its all down to personal taste. Fact is most races prefer their own race. Regardless of what black men tell black women to try and make them feel bad, white women arnt throwing themselfs over black men. Most white women prefer white men. Most black women prefer black men, more Asian women prefer white men, and most Asian men prefer Hentai.
    Ok that last bit about Asian men was a joke, but its true that most white and black women prefer men of their own race.

  125. Just a human being
    Posted March 1, 2015 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    I am West African. Never really bothered about my origins, never really cared about what part of Africa I was from or the fact that I was African. All I knew was that I was black. I never realized how deeply people took racism until today. I never really grasped how the color of your skin could define you until today. And it hurt. As someone who finds all races attractive from Asian to Caucasian to Black and barely pays heed to the dark-skinned/light-skinned dilemma, I am dumbfounded by what people have to say. Now that I mull on this issue I must agree with the notion that it is the media that is perpetuating all this nastiness :

    I do see what people mean by how black women with more Caucasian features are hailed by the media and how the seemingly undesirable roles are targeted at dark-skinned obese black women. But I also see how blank women mainly African American women seem to be supporting this movement. I’m African and as one who was raised and still lives here I can definitely say not many African women are loud, raucous and rude. A bf if they are its just their attitude and not the color of their skin. Perhaps as one person posted, it’s their nurture not their nature, take anybody of any race and from them in an underdeveloped, illiterate and unsanitary environment with adults steeped in violence, promiscuity and financial difficulties and you would get an I’ll-mannered, ill-tempered malnourished and perhaps obese human being but transplant that person to clean spacious home and all the amenities of a good life and perhaps you get someone like me, intelligent, healthy, 5’8 with not an ounce of fat and curves in great proportions.

    Shame on all those who even think such nasty comments, who even entertain thoughts of color
    coding people. Do we not all have the same thoughts, reactions, do we not all bleed when you stab us? For once I am ashamed to even be a part of the human race.

    Racism cannot hide behind logic. Words are easy to string together but the wisdom behind them is harder to find. From the posts I’ve read I’ve concluded that it’s alright for people not to like other people because of their attitude or even body type : it’s a preference, we all have one. But it is beyond wrong to judge people based of their skin color and it’s beyond insulting to label them, brand them, segregate them and to uphold an opinion of them based on people you have met before them. This is not a scientific experiment, you cannot sample a group of people and assume everyone in their likeness has the same attitude. Being a serial killer is not a generic trait and neither is being ghetto.

    I don’t think you have to be better than everyone else, I just think you have to be better than you ever thought you could be….

  126. SALLY
    Posted March 23, 2015 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    It’s not about racism. People all over the world, no matter where they are, or where they live, or where they were born — they have the image of “beauty” in their minds, and it is not found in the stereotypical black person. Even black people do not consider their natural selves to be beautiful, or they wouldn’t be straightening their hair, bleaching their skin, or having their noses slimmed down. We have this picture in our minds — any race, any color, any background, any orientation even, and it’s certain features we think are “beautiful” and that’s why we act and think as we do — even if it’s wrong, and it’s not going to stop.

  127. SALLY
    Posted March 23, 2015 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    In fact, it’s not just black people that change their looks to fit in with the image of beauty that we all have (European), it’s EVERYBODY!!! Look at all the breast implants, and faclifts, and butt enlargements, lip enlargements, private parts bleaching (WTH?), and on and on, and on. It’s not racism. It’s BEAUTYISM.

  128. Kay
    Posted March 29, 2015 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    I really can’t believe the racism I’m seeing. Not that it’s wrong to not be attracted to a race, just that it’s ridiculous to not be attracted to a race because of ignorance. Stereotypes of black women being this or that, really? As explained in some this could be a variety of people. Truth be told that’s the main if not only reason that a black woman isn’t attractive.

    Personally I am Black (I am a mix of white, Puerto Rican, Cherokee, and Choctaw- so I look less African in color and features). But I had every race attracted to me and especially here it goes, white men. And here’s another shocker, I lived in southern states! It’s hard for me to get any other man to date me (and no I am not a slut, as I saw commented by someone on here as a stereotype, I’m a virgin actually)

    I fit none of the stereotypes, I was raised by my Cherokee, Puerto Rican, and white grandmother. With that in mind I talk proper (not white, that’s call stereotype), the smartest in my class, highly involved in sport and clubs, I’m 5’7 and even taller because I wear heels. I am what could be called fat, but was stated as thick by even my white boyfriends.

    Summation, the people on here stated they don’t like black women because of this and that are ignorant. For my bite of bias racism though…mixed people are most attractive because we have a little of everything! (I’m kidding, every race is beautiful 😀 )

  129. silver soul
    Posted August 21, 2015 at 3:29 am | Permalink

    It is August of 2015, and I wanted to ask this very same question. As a black women, this is slowly making me feel like crap. Worthless. Not even good enough to be second class. Why? How can another’s view have such a slow burrowing impact on how I feel about myself? I have an education. I have a genuine personality. I get along with a variety of people. My taste in things pop culture, are eclectic. If I have those things, then other black women have more. I once heard two guys say that they didn’t like black chicks because (sorry if this term is offensive) their nipples aren’t pink. What? Really? Just boiled down to a bodily feature. It is as if personality and things under one’s control, never factored into the concept of attractiveness in the first place. Why even try?

  130. Jeannette B
    Posted September 10, 2015 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    Ladies, ladies, ladies! Not everyone will like you, period. How vain are we as black women. Who cares? We as black women are free from being objectified by these males and believe it or not that is a gift. Being ruled out by a percentage of men who see women as an object whose worthiness is measured by the size of an erection is a gift- I am a dark skinned Aftican American female who according to ancestry.com my ancestors are from Cameroon ( according to an earlier post-ugly women) Lol!!! I am married to a very handsome fair skinned Latin European male. We are happy and have a great life together and it shows- True love does not see color,age or socioeconomic status. Love sees character and the men who posted hateful words In reference to African American women who look( west African) show the kind of character that enjoys harming others with words they know will cut deep. Why do they cut deep- because it’s true- we are Different , we are the polar opposite of white women. My hair is dry, I wash it and my 12 inches of hair shrivels up into a tiny 3 inch mass of uncomable wool. It’s true( laughter). I have a wide nose and big lips. Oh well We all can’t be stereotypically. I found that out early. Having lighter skinned family members help me to realize my dark skin was an unremovable badge of inferiority. No pity please. Just sharing because people saying you are ugly is not a big. I survived being called nigger as early as five years old and while living in Italy I was also told by an old man to go back to Africa, lol! Perfect your own personal development,refine your taste and secure your profession/education. If it is meant for you to have a loving marriage- it will happen. Challenge yourself focus on your personality/character and physical health. Your beauty will shine through for those of worth. Stay blessed and just accept that some people like to say mean things… Creepy huh!

  131. Edna D. Wren
    Posted September 24, 2015 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

    I am a very dark skinned black woman with rounded features, full sensual lips, a tight round booty and high perky breasts. My hair is kinky, nappy even and I wear it wild and all over my head. In other words, I am not some “white girl dipped in chocolate”.

    I don’t know what you fools are talking about. I am hit on constantly by a range of amazing men of every race (except Asian). And my experience is not unique.

    My sisters ….ignore this nonsense. You know the men cracking on us are short, squat, hairy, Pillbury doughboy types nobody wants….

  132. Teeny Weeny
    Posted October 7, 2015 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I am so glad that I come from a Caribbean family. We don’t think the way white and black Americans do. I am black. I am really pretty. There were times in my life where I wished I could get white men to leave me alone. White men love black women.

  133. Rob
    Posted October 11, 2015 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    I’m a half Asian and half white male. I find black women are just as physically attractive as any other race. To me a woman’s attractiveness isn’t just measured in her bodily appearance, but also in how she dresses and speaks, and in her mannerisms and intelligence. For example, I find Congresswoman Mia Love to be very attractive. A single, black woman lives next door to me, and she is drop-dead gorgeous. So, black ladies of the world, you are beautiful!

  134. Nick
    Posted February 29, 2016 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    It isn’t that black women are ugly. I’ve seen a lot of black women who look like angels. I’ve seen more sexy black women then white women. I am a white man and I don’t like white women I don’t like white women. The problem I see is we have a lot of black women who act ghetto who talk like they just came out the ghetto. Bit for the most part black women are sexy as ever. Now I’m from Miami. I’ve been to other states like Utah and black women there are not to my liking. It’s funny black men say black women are to bossy and demanding but yet I see white women doing the same if not worse. So why don’t we do this. Black women with white men. Black me with white women. Or we can just throw out the whole I’m black or white and so on and just be people. Is it really still a racist world in 2016 really. Wtf is wrong with people.

  135. Barbara
    Posted May 17, 2016 at 3:02 am | Permalink

    If big noses are considered masculine, are thin noses feminine? Most claiming African American women are unattractive don’t know any and base their opinions on media images where African American women continued to be stereotyped, and there are very few dark skinned women represented anywhere, beautiful or not. The double standard is clear when Kim Kardashian, who augmented her body to resemble an African American woman, is hailed as having the best backside.

  136. Posted May 17, 2016 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    I can’t speak for the broader population.. only for myself. (White man)

    White girls dipped in chocolate (new phrase for me).. those girls are attractive to me.

    The “typical” black girl though.. she is unattractive (to me). Like others have stated, the typical black woman is far too masculine in feature for me to find attractive. Bad/no hair, big faces/ big jaws/ broad noses/ dead yellow eyes.. etc.. Also non-physically, they have bad attitudes and are not demure or feminine enough to be considered attractive (by me).

    I think many men will agree with what I have said, however my opinions are my own. I have dated a black woman once and would never consider myself “racist” in the non-traditional sense of the word. I do, however, believe that some races/social groups are better at doing some things than others. Just like a breed of dog is better at pulling a sleigh than others, or better at running an obstacle course.

  137. Barbara
    Posted May 21, 2016 at 4:50 am | Permalink

    Yellow eyes? Dave, was she a working girl? All the black women I know have bright sparkling eyes. Attitudes toward black women are puzzling when so many white women are in a fever over black men, who I presume you also think have yellow eyes. I wonder if they are trying to flee the woman-as-object mindset or some other personality or character traits.

  138. Lily
    Posted August 2, 2016 at 10:45 am | Permalink

    All I see are opinions flying all over the place! Skin colour, nose size, hair type but, why are we talking about “attraction ” as if it’s just a simple word? I believe that there’s more to it.

    Think about it, guys: Once anyone finds themselves living to please others, that’s where life ends and the journey to dying slowly inside starts!

    Ladies, no matter your skin colour here is my advice; be attractive to your own self and this is how: be healthy, be happy, be smart – find a decent life skill and rock it, be independent- say “hell no” to being objectified, support others, be playful, smile, appreciate yourself, dance every chance you get, learn a new language whenever you get the chance, visit an orphanage, look nice, smell great, go out and look at nature, run/jog, spend time with loved ones, travel abroad, read a book, make love, make food, go out and have fun; basically love life and whatever you do, do it because it adds value to you and doesn’t demean others. Small things like these make life attractive and worth living. You will attract only those you are meant to attract if you must.

    We are not the same and that’s a fact but, I don’t see why that should be a negative thing for some people. Not that it matters but, am a 25 year old African lady, I live in africa and if you ask if i am attractive or not you may not like my answer! But my approach to that question will highlight that am not the most educated or smartest but my level of education has exposed me to this type of reality: there are far too many issues all around us in need of practical solutions to worry about which races are more attractive than others ???.

    This kind of attitude has helped me to attract the right opportunities which gave me the privilege to be surrounded by the right number of people, who inspire me, who edify me, who appreciate me and who are happy to be around me because they consider me of value; and we are working toward making our community better and better.

    But then again to be fair, this has worked for me and it may not work for everyone. The reason why I am sharing is because i am happy in my black skin and whatever unique features that came with it. I don’t blame anyone for any hardships I face and overcome because then I would have to give credit to someone for my happiness and that’s weird!

    To all ladies in the world, you are beautiful, unique and powerful. If some random guys decide to object, we should ignore them because perhaps their jobs are boring, and they want to distract us too ????

  139. Kara
    Posted October 19, 2016 at 3:09 am | Permalink

    Interesting question. As an African American woman, I have never been concerned about how others see me. Society has been brainwashed into what beauty is, and racism is part of that. Your question grouped a whole race of people together, when we are all individuals. There is ugliness in all races as you can tell by some of the comments here. Ask yourself of some of those that have identified as white, do you really care about their opinions? Black women have lost their way, as a child of the 70’s, we loved our look and we loved and respected each other. That taught others how to treat us. We were not asking to be accepted or admired. We wore our natural hair proudly and embraced our many beautiful shades. We do not have to bake our skin in the sun to achieve our natural color. Problem is this, over time black women tried to be what they are not and that is white women. For those of us weaved and wigged out, in unnatural colors, blue lips, hair matching our clothes, fake nails, false lashes, and dressed as though we’re entertainers or going to a club when we’re heading to work or to our childs school. It’s not always about our looks, it’s often about our behavior. The media loves to show us at our worse, or those clowns on reality tv shows.

    Look at the Black women of the 50’s, look at how they proudly carried themselves and dressed so meticulously. They had class. They had respect. We have to love and respect ourselves. White people never ask if anyone thinks they’re beautiful. Why? Because they have been taught that they are the STANDARD of beauty. The truth is 99.9% of them do not look anything like the models, movie stars and entertainers we see every day in the media. It’s an illusion, and their opinions and approval is not needed.

    We need to stop using our faces as color books, stop trying to emulate what we’re not and that’s white women, Asian Women, Brazilian women….stop behaving like we were brought up without any manners, and embrace our femininity, beauty and strength. Our problem has always been looking for the acceptance of others. Love yourself, respect yourself and your own beauty and understand how the media and advertisers influence all of this.

  140. NotRacistBut...
    Posted February 11, 2017 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    Let me give a new insight into who finds which race more attractive.

    White women are considered more attractive because they represent a gene pool of people who brought about modern society.

    Most white nations are far more accomplished than African poor nations. White people have much more knowledge in their heads than black people, thus they can do more.

    But beauty standards can change.

    Asian women have caught up, and often, are considered cuter than white women.

    When Asians started to put perform whites educationally, when they passed up whites in graduation rates from the best colleges around the world, suddenly Asian women were judged to be more pretty than before.

    I consider whites to be a middle race in many ways.

    Blacks has big behinds, Asians have the f latest.

    Blacks have the best teeth, Asians the worst.

    Blacks have skinny calves, Asians the most well rounded.

    Blacks tend to be loud, Asians the most quiet.

    Blacks value education the least, their high school drop out rates are about 50%, while Asians out perform all other groups. Including the Jews, who were considered the most educated until Asians passed them in numbers in the best graduate schools in the world.

    Blacks have the most crime, while certain Asian cities are almost without crime.

    I consider slavery horrible, but in the long run, it might have saved the black race.

    Consider what white and Asian people would have thought of blacks if they hadn’t been brought into white nations to live.

    Who today would consider them equal if they had remained alone, with no progress, and no chance at getting an education white people have provided them.

    What is white privilege?

    Whites who don’t suffer racism in their own societies.

    What is black privilege?

    Being given an education which their ancestors didn’t discover on their own. As whites struggled to discover the modern world and how nature works, their ancestors sat around doing little of anything.

    No written languages, no complex machinery, no science, little math except for counting.

    Small huts, no large buildings of any kind. No plumbing, no wheel.

    No general understanding of the world around them, or the mental labor required to obtain that knowledge.

    The trouble is, most men of other races don’t want to mix with that gene pool, thus they find most black women unattractive.

    But should blacks educate themselves, study more than commit crime, learn instead of shouting racism every time they can’t get their way, how black women are perceived can change as it did for Asian women.

    But shouting and looting and demanding is easier than staying long hours in the library.

    Welfare destroyed the black family and made possible the lowest IQ black women had the most children. That has destroyed the black race. More and more stupid hating children are born than smart polite black children.

    Blacks have it in them as a race to reverse this destructive trend, but they first have to admit to the problem.

    The feel good solutions haven’t worked.

    Blacks have to make sure their smartest black women start having the most babies. Getto mothers usually look and act true to form, stupid.

  141. john Virgo
    Posted September 20, 2017 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    I’d say a significant reason is genetic adaptation to a climate, and the genetic attraction that goes with it.

    So in intensely hot, sunny climates out in the open, the genetic makeup of Black people is going to be perceived “healthy” and better adapted compared to say that of a White-European. But the opposite is true in Britain where light skin tones and soft, glossy hair textures are seen as “healthy” adaptations to the mild, dimly lit, cloudy environment.

    To complicate things further, people also bring their cultures with them to help cope with an environment, and buildings offer some shielding, as well as meaning people tend to spend more time inside. Hence there isn’t quite the pressure to develop a Black genetic makeup to deal with the harsh US sun in some regions of the US; thus leading to people choosing a genetic makeup that is more European like.

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